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Bernard Eats: Your stats and more!

by Bernard-Charles

The final days before graduation on creeping up behind me and I will then enter the world of mundane. If I choose to see it that way of course. Well, last week I asked you all to fill out a survey because it was for this multimedia class which means I am graded of course. So, I thank everyone that participated in the survey and I would say that for 21 people you all tickled me oh so much!

For your favorite blog series post, you chose the Top 10 Tea Flavors for Autumn. This was a fun post to write because I had to look over so many teas and brands that could be tailored to the rich and poor.

blog series photo

Can we talk about your cultural taste for a bit? Most of you enjoy Italian cuisine and since most of the results came from Pennsylvania (12), we can conclude that you, young female Pennsylvanians love a good meatball or two! 23% of you say you prefer Italian where as 2-3% of you favorite Lebanese and French cuisine.

cuisine types photo

More graphs that are clearly self-explanatory:

gender survey results photo

giveaway survey results

Probably the most unique compilation of the data is my own interest in what you all prefer most when it comes to multimedia. I compared the results of multimedia elements for The Bernard Charles Show to that of what you prefer when it comes to food blogging in general. I am not quite so surprised about the results, but you all already know the ways of multimedia that you wouldn’t need this class anyway. Also the one aspect of multimedia that I had not included in the questions was social media. This element was submitted as another option it definitely is an important element now when it comes to blogging period. I appreciated seeing this and that of simplicity because we are living in an age of information over load and need our web browsing and social media intake to be as pleasant and clear as possible.

Multimedia Elements Comparison photo

All the results are helpful to gauge where I stand in the spectrum of online media and demonstrates how I need to improve. Looks like video for The Bernard Charles Show just makes more sense since I want to be a television talk show host, but I honestly need editing software and a great camera. Not to mention a specific space to have an online talk show. I have thought about it, but I do not have the resources to make it happen. So, until then I am on YouTube with my webcam pulling color cards.

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