Hot Chocolate vs Hot Cocoa

Bernard Eats: Making your own hot chocolate

by Bernard-Charles

The chilliness is here and what better way then to turn up the heat by fighting with your friends about whether to say hot cocoa or hot chocolate. Spoons up, it’s a doozy of a battle.

I never really had a passion for sticking to solely one, because to me they both are equally good and the same thing… right? Well, with a little research they are in fact two different drinks.

Hot Chocolate vs Hot Cocoa

According to Best Friends Cocoa online:

Hot chocolate and European drinking chocolate are made by taking solid chocolate and grinding it into a fine powder. Hot chocolate is meant to be made with hot milk which adds to its creaminess. Hot cocoa is made from cocoa powder, which has little fat, usually non-fat dry milk, sweeteners and other ingredients and is formulated to be made with hot water.

The difference is indeed obvious with milk and water. Since I’m a Milt, I used Hershey’s recipe “Favorite Hot Cocoa” to make my hot chocolate and well it called for both milk and water, but the ratio is more milk than water. So, technically I think it is hot chocolate and oh boy it is creamy!

If you want hot cocoa though, you can try those awesome packets of Swiss Miss that we all adore. Who loves those little marshmallows? 

The recipe

Here is a brief slideshow presentation of how you can make your own “hot chocolate.” Click below.

Making Hot Chocolate

Guess you know where I stand on this sweet battle. But honestly, it all depends on my mood and I may use the term cocoa or chocolate interchangeably. But it is good to know why there are two different words in the first place.

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4 thoughts on “Hot Chocolate vs Hot Cocoa

  1. I grew up drinking hot chocolate, but after discovering European-style sipping chocolate, I can’t go back (Trader Joe’s and Bellagio are the culprits for this). In a way it’s an acquired taste because sipping chocolate isn’t as sweet as hot chocolate, but it’s incredibly rich enough that you only need to drink it in a small cup. Have you tried it? It’s to die for.

    1. I haven’t tried it! But just yesterday I almost went to Trader Joe’s. I never been there actually LOL. I should definitely try these news things!

  2. My Dad was a Hershey Boy! I just love finding people that still smell like Chocolate! When my dad was about 12 his father died leaving his wife with 12 kids to raise, so my dad went off to Hershey. He lived much different that I expect you did however. He milked cows every morning, loads of house and farm chores, and when done with school, they could run through the factory to get his pockets stuffed with reject candy. I love it there, and all our visits. I think my dad graduated in 63??? Best to you Bud!

    1. This is pretty amazing! Yeah I graduated in 2009, so I’d imagine the student life was very different. The values however are still very strong. Thanks for stopping by!

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