Halloween pen pal letter exchange at the Soul Path Tribe

I just received a lucky name and address for this month’s letter swap at the Soul Path Tribe! I am so excited to send a lovely spooky letter to this person and believe me, this is far better than receiving bills! While this came through as divine timing would have it, I finally made it possible to gift everyone who joins the tribe with a discount on my intuitive card reading services. If you’re a member already and decide to order a reading from #intuitionhost then get ready to save some bucks!

The Soul Path Tribe is an online community of magical makings, letter exchanges, and goal achieving strides! We honor a Goddess every month by reading a legendary tale, incorporating key values and lessons from the Divine Feminine into our lives for that month and we celebrate the lunar cycles by doing creative projects or rituals. Even guided meditations and hypnosis audios are provided that cover a wide range of topics that will certainly compliment your needs.

People from all over the world are joining because the purpose is to enlighten and strengthen our soul paths. Healing, divining and connecting is what every member brings to the table and there isn’t a set religious doctrine or affiliation. The Goddesses presented are from various cultures and beliefs which simply connects us along our human journey.

If you’d like to save on my readings, save your soul and feel at home with higher consciousness then surely taking a small step in looking around the Soul Path Tribe wouldn’t hurt, it may even open your interest to something you never thought to consider before.

Soul Path Tribe Member Discount copy

Curious? Read more about the tribe and what goodies to have by clicking here

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