Guest Blogger: My Tarot Tale and Tarot Newbie Advice

by Witch Lyn from

Tarot popped into my life briefly when I was 17. I bought an Egyptian deck in London and thought it would be wonderful, and slightly cool, to read the cards. The cards and I just didn’t mix so after a very short love affair, probably in the region of about 10 minutes, I dumped them in the back of my wardrobe, never to be seen again.

Fast-forward 10 years and the tarot bug was biting again.  This time I bought a sensible, traditional Rider Waite deck and never looked back. I read whatever I could and practiced whenever I had a spare minute. And from that one, innocent deck came a tarot addiction and a husband (that’s a story for another time).

I honestly have no idea how many decks I own. With oracle decks, I would guess about 100.  Once you begin, you just can’t stop! And, sadly, most of them remain in a couple of big storage chests, as there’s not enough time in the day to admire so many little pieces of art. This was one of the reasons why I began to do the Witch’s forecast each day – I have the opportunity to rummage through Tarot decks.

Another reason for the daily card is it’s good for me! With so many things going on in life, I find it can be all too easy to push daily readings aside and use the time up elsewhere (like working, cleaning, feeding kids).  It’s sad when life gets crazy-busy and important stuff slips, but I’m sure that happens to you too. Anyway, I’ve found if I write about the card on my blog then I’m dedicated to doing it daily. I think it’s a win-win situation as I get to indulge in a little tarot and both my readers and I can use the card as guidance through the day.

It’s been another 10 years since my tarot addiction began and I’ve read professionally for hundreds of people either in person, by phone or via email.  I’ve developed my own style for reading but it took quite a time to trust my intuition. If you want to read Tarot then that’s the biggest hurdle. You can memorise the traditional meanings of the 78 cards, and you can use a book to guide you through spreads, but it’s when you actually ignore this ‘training’ and let the inner voice speak that the tarot really bonds to you.

I sat for hours with my little Rider Waite deck and the book Learning the Tarot by Joan Bunning.  Those two items are actually a good starting point for any tarot newbie, as you can begin to learn the meanings of the cards. However, it wasn’t long before I began to feel the Rider Waite to be a bit too ‘flat’ and that is where my collection began.  The artwork on the cards began to speak to me and I found I could get just as much information from looking at the images as I could recalling the standard meanings. 

Buying a Rider Waite deck is important for any tarot reader as it’s such a ‘standard’ deck, but couple it with another pack which imagery ‘speaks’ to you on a subconscious level too.  Check out the cards on Aeclectic Tarot if you need some inspiration (just don’t blame me if you get addicted too). Use the Rider Waite when you want to test your recall powers and your other one when you want to practice reading via the pictures.  Try it and see what happens – you might be quite surprised.

Learning the tarot can seem daunting at first but remember it’s not a science. There are traditional meanings associated to cards but you’ll find they have more personal meanings to you too.  Keep a notebook and draw your own card of the day. At the end of the day, look back and see how that card interacted in your life. Retrospective readings are absolutely great when you are learning the cards!

Tarot is a great tool for self-exploration, guidance and direction. If you have a desire to learn then I encourage you to bite the bullet and get a tarot deck (consider the Rider Waite or the Universal Waite as first decks). If you just want to enjoy a card of the day without the hassle of drawing cards yourself, then I’d love to see you over at my blog for the daily witch’s forecast!

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