GREEN THINKING: “The Story of Stuff” -Annie Leonard

I was stumbling through the internet, and I came across this video about how society, the United States, produces and consumes products.

Annie Leonard, takes the viewers on a journey of consumption and explains the basic idea of this progression, but illustrates the key details of why and how this journey is harmful and upsetting for the environment, manufactures, government officials, and the people.

Without giving too much detail away, I ask you to sit in front of your computer screen for 20 minutes and educate yourself about this risky journey that has been booming ever since World War 2.

Leonard, gives a succinct presentation about “The Story of Stuff

Now, after watching the presentation,  how do you feel?

I know that I feel really inspired to change this lifestyle and to move the nation on a new path of direction for the betterment of Society. I have ideas that are fluttering my mind now, but I will create other posts to gather my thoughts.

If you have any ideas we can work on them together, just e-mail me at:

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