Read this when you notice the grass is greener.


I find myself attached to how others live.

Growing up, I always took notice of everyone else – I still do.

The way they arranged their rooms.

Painted their walls.

Brands of foods they bought.

The scents of their home.

The smell of their person.

How they dressed.

People they chose to talk to – people they dismissed.

Listened to how they spoke.

Felt their memories projected in my heart and mind as we surpassed time in meaningful conversation.

I like to believe I have a gift of sight.


Even with my most empathetic intentions, I cannot possible see everything that goes on.

What happens to a family when their child is accepted into an ivy league school but not knowing they turned the offer down to pursue a free path.

How it feels to be promoted because of a promiscuous talent so that young mouths can be fed every night.

When someone steps into big money but gives it all away forgetting themselves in the process.

I use to think that the grass is greener on the other side in comparison to what I have right now.

The family that raised me.

The kids that bullied me.

The country that protects me.

The media that teaches me.

The world that nourishes me.

The universe that is me.

However within all our power to believe what we see – even what we see is not the whole story.


I want you to feel curious.

I want you to know that the grass is only greener because someone is taking the time to care and choose as best they can with whatever resources, knowledge and talent manifested in their own life. Their own time.

I want you to nourish your own growth by asking questions, learning lessons and exploring outside of your comfort zone to test your limits.

May many more blades continue to grow for you no matter how green the grass looks.

Until next time <3 :star: and :mrgreen:


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