Goodbye Sedna, hello Baba Yaga

This month is coming to a close and Spring is indeed just around the river bend.

My soul path is expanding in new ways and I guess I have been privately working with Sedna and her glorious benefits when it comes to understanding this journey. Sometimes the hidden lesson of her legendary tale is to fly solo for a bit. Strengthen your own grip on life without depending on others.

My lifeboat for a year and a half has been the Soul Path Tribe. We share memories, support each other during stressful times and exchange magical energies through letter writing and spell casting. It’s been a journey itself watching the tribe expand to over dozens of soul-inspired ambassadors worldwide.

It’s the Olympic arena of soul unleashing! (click to tweet)

I feel like someone is always awake in the Facebook group guarding our sacred community.

Well, my time with Sedna is winding down indeed and I feel kinda sad because she has taught me to take a casual dip into life and be more conscious of my phone case something I’ve mentioned here before. In any instance, this month’s synchronicity with my ebook on Aquamarine crystal and building a relationship with Sedna could not have come at a better time. I am grateful.

March brings a witchy figure called Baba Yaga to my doorstep with the theme of risks. Most don’t toy around with her because of her persistent rawness when it comes to understanding the good, bad and ugly. When the tribe was asked to pick goddesses for the new year, this was my number. Hello Baba Yaga.

I did work with her energy this summer but now a whole month to take on a house that stands on chicken legs. Get ready because my intuition is sensing a fast egg-counting time ahead! Perhaps I will finally find out why the chicken was crossing the road in the first place or understand the risk involved with counting those eggs before they hatch?

My impatience will surely be a test as the story goes with Baba Yaga and the kid, she’ll probably be wanting to touch my spoon too! I am ready though to learn, that’s all I can do.

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10 thoughts on “Goodbye Sedna, hello Baba Yaga

  1. Thank you for sharing your journey through the stories of the goddesses. Each has her power, as do we. Each is complex, as are we. Each teaches lessons, as do we. In reverence, I bow to the goddesses Sedna and Baba Yaga and YOU!

    1. Namaste Veronica!! <3

  2. Sounds wonderful Bernard! The Soul Path Tribe sounds like an amazing community. I don’t know Baba Yaga but I am intrigued. Will have to do some research on this.

    1. She loves to fly around in a mortar lol Let me know what comes from your journey!

  3. Hope your relationship with Baba Yoga is exciting & rewarding. I don’t her .. yet!..(About to look it up now). I do know Sedna.. she’s on my alter assisting me to abundance in all areas 🙂 As Joy says, a wonderful time for excitement to stir up your life. Spring always puts a .. dare i say it’.. 😉 a spring in my step 🙂

    1. Oh do let me know what you find intriguing about Baba Yaga! Sounds like the perfect time too!

  4. I *love*Sedna and I don’t know Baba Yaga, but now I am going to look her up. I like the theme of taking risks coinciding with March which is Spring energy and solstice and opening up.blossoming. How *fun* this can be for you – for risk taking can be magnificent, glorious, stretching into new space, exploring creative expression (and it doesn’t have to hurt, in fact it can bring in abundance in all realms). How exciting for you!

    1. Joy, you feel the excitement too! Gosh I thought it was only me! Thank you for your (dare I say) exciting comment haha! I love telling people about your work. If you find out more info, let me know what you stumbled upon!

  5. I find Baba Yaga alluring, like there’s a little bit of danger in her magic. I remember working with someone in a dream workshop where we journeyed and discovered Baba Yaga’s house on chicken legs was really an airplane. (Or maybe I dreamed that from something else)

    1. She does travel and fly in a mortar!! Gretchen I love your comment and wise experience! Did you know the Soul Path Tribe existed?

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