Go to bed with your jeans, a flop

Now ask yourself this question. Would I ever go to bed with my hard denim jeans or switch into pajamas that are cute and bedtime soft? I would say more than half of you would choose the pajamas as we don’t like to be held down by the feeing of being uncomfortable while falling asleep. Or even take an alternative like wearing sweatpants. So, with today’s fashion trends and the combination clothing products like jeggings, we find ourselves in a new world with a newly released roughly estimated $40 product called PajamaJeans®.  Simply these soft and fake jeans are said to be comfy and can fit any size. This product even appeared on the daytime television talk-show The View.

While browsing the web to find more answers and comments about this easily replaceble product with the good ‘ole sweatpants or jeans, I could only find major blogs like CafeMom.com and Times-Union.com just posting a little bit about the product,  attaching the official infomercial, and letting their viewers comment on what they think about PajamaJeans®.  Here are some of the reader’s  thoughts:


I think they are hilarious. I would totally wear these in the morning to drop my kiddos off. –periwinkle163

Seeing as i have more yoga type pants then jeans, yes i probably would wear them. but i wouldnt pay $40 for them –2cuddlebabies


I’m with everyone who thinks wearing pj’s in public is wrong. I refuse – I even make my husband change out of his sweats if we’re going anywhere together – nothing much I can do if he goes off when I’m not around. I will admit to once going out in “lounge pants” – it was 5am and I had promised my husband donuts for the first night of Hanukkah and I was not inclined to make them this year so I trugged off to the local donut shop in my less then stellar clothing with a coat covering it and got the treats and came home – all under cover of darkness. Never again, I was horrified at myself! –Comment by Susan

Gee I’m real sorry guys but I’m one that likes to wear my pajama bottoms in public. Don’t ask me why but I do. I work all week long and on weekends I like to feel comfortable and my pajama bottoms give me that comfort. Say what you like but I that’s how [I] feel. –Comment by Anna


Bernard’s Verdict

I say if you can buy them for $40 then do so. It is your money and your time. If you don’t get them then no loss. Just wear your regular jeans during the day and at night you can wear your pajamas or sweatpants. It really does not matter, but honestly for $40, I am going to use my money on something much more valuable, even though these PajamaJeans® are for females. Just another round in the female-fashion world. I am waiting for the creators make PajamaJeans® for kids! Then the moms out there will really have something to say.


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