If you’re tired of psychics asking you questions and recycling what you just told them – welcome. I have a zero fraud policy.

I’m Bernard Charles. I don’t sugar coat the obvious when it comes to my psychic intuitive color tarot readings. A party to me is about connection. It’s where you spend your time and make memories. It’s about strengthening your network’s best customers and very important people that invest in your brand and vision. As a host you’ll be sponsoring me to provide royal color therapy treatment to those guests and members that go above and beyond for you.

What is a psychic reading party for professionals

Others do things differently. For me, it’s important we establish a goal. Making sure your most loyal customers, key stakeholders, and rising leaders in your network feel supported in body, mind and soul. My readings are individual to each guest and we can uncover deeper blockages that may be affecting their life and career. This is a professional service provided to start ups, universities, and small to medium size companies that want a psychic twist.

What do you offer that’s different than other psychic tarot readers and mediums

Color. Tarot. Astrology. I’m a multipurpose cleaner. A Swiss Army knife. The KonMari method of color. I’ve been doing color readings since 2011. Certified in crystal healing, tarot, color science, meditation, Neuro-linguistic programming and more. My degree from Point Park University covers not only pop culture and multimedia, but also positive psychology and logic. I’m equal parts of heart and head. Constantly analyzing risk and helped dozens of people shift the energy and mood of their lives, careers, and relationships using color.

My color psychology journey began in 2007 (which I share in my book, Rainbow Revolution) with the help of an orange scarf and my coming out process. I’m different than other tarot readers, psychic mediums, and healers because I’m not solely about guessing your life or career situation with accuracy (I mean of course nobody wants to be wrong). What I’m here to provide are real practical solutions for you to improve your overall life satisfaction. I don’t want you dying feeling like you didn’t matter at all. I get it, we all find ourselves asking big questions and needing answers. Sometimes it’s a lonely process, but as your trusty color mage, it’s my destiny to help you define what it means to live more, express more, and come out to the world in a bright way.

How do your professional parties work




50% deposit is required

Up to 6 VIP guests

Assigned VIP guest names per 30-minute time slot

Sponsored gift bag included for VIP guests:

soy wax candle

change your mood oracle

crystal gemstone

5ml bottle of pure essential oil

Flat rates:

 1-2 VIP guests - $1200 

 3-4 VIP guests - $2400

 5-6 VIP guests -  $4000



50% deposit is required

30 guest minimum

Any guests can walk up for a reading

Sponsor chooses an hourly reading tier

*Optional, gift bag for guests: 

change your mood oracle

crystal gemstone

Flat rates:

$600 per hour for color only

$1200 per hour for color and tarot

$1800 per hour for color, tarot, and astrology

*additional cost per guest



Make your event special, here's how with my VIP event extras

- Sponsor gift bags for your guests

(oracle deck, crystal, oils, and more)

- Customize my color oracle decks

to give guests a unique event souvenir

- No event is too far, I love to travel

- Host an online event

- Sponsor a 2-3 day retreat

- Feature your event on my website, newletter, and other social media outlets (let's market together)


I’m excited, how do I get started

I use GigSalad to keep track of all my events. Fill out the form with your information and we will be in touch. If you have special requests, please email me.


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