Getting lucky with color

Color and luck has something in common – it’s all about perception.

This is not some get rich quick – get laid now – get get get scheme.

Color is sacred like I’ve mentioned countless times. The point of luck is actually recognizing feelings of happiness, abundance, joy and synchronicity.

I woke up today a bit uprooted because inside my dreamscape I was with other classmates.

We had one assignment and it was to do a peer review of our body of work we’ve accomplished so far and to go to the board and write down our biggest conclusion about each other.

I was wearing a scarf around my head, spilling coffee everywhere and flying in and out of class because I was going to the water fountain to refresh my palate.

After making my way through the crowded hallway a female teacher grabs a hold of me and desperately tries to stop me.

I brushed her off.

The resistance almost stopped me from getting back to my mission but I prevailed.

Inside the classroom now I see my name has already been filled.

Bernard: Does not have enough time. 

I took this as my peers were complaining about me not devoting enough time to them. I wake up.

So I posted on Facebook a status about my bedtime adventures and I find it equally charming who comments on my stuff. I take it seriously because I know that not everyone sees my posts so in the right time and place those that do comment I know I must listen well.

My hedgey momma, a great herbalist, revealed to me something that Buddha says we think we all have time.

This stopped me in my tracks.

For the past month mostly I have been tempted to keep putting my dreams off, pausing my own needs for others and stopping the flow of the greater good.

If only I had a little more time.

If only I had the perfect situation then all my troubles and upsets would disappear.

If only I was lucky enough.

Sad strange little human Bernard – life / universe is not like that.

Luck is intricately laced by one characteristic…charisma.

What attracts you to a person, place or thing is probably most likely the charisma the object of timely admiration projects.

Through charisma others feel joyful, happy and quite lucky themselves to have met you because charisma is a quick infectious quality to feel. A sting of Cupid’s arrow or a pinch of a Baba Yaga brew.

Synchronicity is life’s four leaf clover. (tweet me)

Becoming naturally lucky overtime takes confidence, faith and positive emotion with a light dosage of intuition of course but understand it’s more than a scratch off in gratitude to get what you want, need and share with a greater community. On the outside it looks like the person is instantly holding the golden ticket but we don’t see all the multi-sized acts, history and choices that brought them to how we see them today. It’s the red carpet mirage.

We only can relate to the person, place or thing in the now moment sure and work backwards to recall the flow and process of evolution.

If you keep living life without meaning, purpose and choosing to accept cynicism – you’ll be the most unhappy and unlucky human on the planet. I don’t believe the soul devalues, misuses and hates because of pure self-interest. I went into business for myself because I am a rebel rouser, go getter, luck magnet and really attached to building a beautiful world for the now-century.

Millions of choices and possibilities await for us but that doesn’t mean we wait for it.

For now I would like you to know that the luckiest acts of devotion and love are expressed in the now and that is why I have started writing nearly 4,000 words for a book. A real book.

Not some blogger’s digest but an object of my affection and soul.

How I got to where I am and why it is so important for others to live in color.

I’m lucky in color so what about you?

Whether you think you are worthless because you perceive you’ve been randomly placed on this planet and met thousands of people just for the hell of it – you are lucky. Because there’s always the opposite chance of you never being able to live this life, see the signs and feel what it means to be alive.

Until next time <3 :star: and :mrgreen:


Do you have color questions that need spiritual answers? Send an owl to be featured in my color advice column called Dear Color Mage.

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1 thought on “Getting lucky with color

  1. Bernard as a professional tarot reader I have no problem when someone says they are skeptic, however when someone ridicules me and doesn’t want a reading, or says to me “I don’t believe in it, so guess what’s going on?” and than goes on and on with nonsense, yes, I get very irritated.

    I personally Do Not give free readings, as I feel a Client doesn’t have an investment and really could care less about what I have said. It’s just not worth the time I have spent with them. So thank you for confirming what I have said a thousand times!

    Love and Light,

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