Gay For Good: Pittsburgh celebrates turning 1-year-old

Over 3,000 hours of volunteer time, it’s party time

by Bernard-Charles

Hello Pittsburgh. After an exciting summer in Scotland, my move-in for my final semester at Point Park University is full of high energy and business because I reunited with friends and attended an amazing anniversary event for Pittsburgh’s chapter of Gay For Good on Saturday. Simply, expanding my network once again. (If I could marry the idea of networking, I would, but lets work on same-sex marriage first.)

Founded in Los Angeles in 2008, Gay For Good aims to energize and mobilize the LGBT community to interact with the broader community by volunteering the time of its members to various social welfare and environmental service projects. Each month, Gay For Good members donate their time to a community service project that benefits a local non-profit organization. Participants do not need to be a member of the LGBT community to join Gay For Good or to participate in any of its community service projects.

Since you know a little bit about the cause, lets get on with the party!

Gay For Good: Pittsburgh’s “A Good Year” milestone was hosted by The Toonseum on August 25, 2012 and proceeds were donated to Animal Friends. I have never been to The Toonseum, but came across people who worked there and it seemed to always be in the entertainment section of the local newspaper, so I am very well aware of its prominence in the city and jumped with even more joy because it is located downtown and my arrival to the occasion was dependent on me only walking a few blocks from campus.

At the event, guests were greeted warmly by people and canines! Animal Friends brought along two happy and friendly dogs that were seeking a home, and it only took a second for me to be on the ground to pet them. Made me so happy. I am not sure if they in fact found a new owner, but volunteering in other ways with Animal Friends is something that can be done.

Robyn Roux (left) and Bernard (right), students at Point Park University attend Gay For Good: Pittsburgh’s 1 year party at The Toonseum.

The night lingered on with more arrivals trickling in, but I kept myself busy with the two exhibits that were on display: “Care Bears: 30 Years of Caring… and Hugs” and “Pittsburgh as Gotham.” These kept the movement of the crowd lively and were great ice breakers to get to know other guests. Sometimes these functions are stale and dry, but with a little Funshine Bear action and Batarang promptness, it was a very sociable evening. Even the comics on the walls were hilarious to encourage moments of self-made jokes.

I am an art and museum buff, so having the event at The Toonseum was very much appreciated, yet the two friends that I brought along found themselves amused certainly, but wanted more to see. I wouldn’t disagree with them, because I too would have loved to see more. Perhaps there will be another similar venue with bigger exhibits for later parties, but this being a 1-year bash, I say it was just enough to understand the flow and feel of the night. No confusion means happy times!

Overall, the location was a great setting for a creative and collective atmosphere and the event was a success as  people did attend and it allowed others to mingle with many LGBT and allied members of the Pittsburgh community. Not to mention, letting your heart melt over the special canines from Animal Friends.

Gay For Good: Pittsburgh is now moving on to more amazing years and I too hope to join in on the fun with their community service efforts in the future! Giving back to the community is essential to living a positive life.

Tell me how you volunteer your time and energy to give back.


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