Garnet birthstone meditation

Garnet Birthstone MeditationFirefly, I have been working hard this past month to offer you a special treat for the new year! It’s another self-created eBook featuring the birthstone, Garnet. I grabbed some important factors about the crystal and dived into passionately connecting with the stone for two weeks while I was dating a special someone. Lets just say the heat was on full blast here in Northeast Pennsylvania.

It encompasses 14 pages with great history, resources and a guided crystal meditation for you to tap into the deep richness of Garnet for the new year. Through my own experience, the stone does have a bit of a bite toward the dark side of passion, so be mindful of this aspect while you pursue a path of true passion and confidence.

If you order the eBook now, I will include a FREE MP3 so that you may listen to the meditation instead of reading it. Only $7

Offer including free mp3 ends January 31, 2014 

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