Future Talk Show Host sponsors NEPA BlogCon 2012

Sponsor tips that I’ve learned

by Bernard-Charles

Sponsoring events, people, or companies to better enrich and educate the lives of others while strengthening the overall community is what I love.

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Last month, I was browsing the web and stumbled upon the first ever Northeast Pennsylvania blogging conference (www.nepablogcon.com) happening on Saturday, September 29, 2012 at Luzerne County Community College.

Two thoughts hit me at once:

  1. I need to be a part of this awesomeness.
  2. Shoot! I will already be in Pittsburgh.

Since being a recipient of a sponsorship not too long ago, I thought giving back to the community by sponsoring this event would do some good as the area needs more events like this to create networking opportunities and to build a better awareness of what it means to be a social community.

I had no idea if there were other bloggers in the area and it never seemed to cross my mind to go to Google or check the local papers. Nonetheless, the event is happening and I feel confident that my contribution is going toward a common good.

NEPA BlogCon is of course going to teach a wide-range of people from beginners to pros about the effects of networking and will inspire those seeking to feel better about their hometown through a multimedia platform like blogging. (Or I would not have even considered the sponsorship in the first place. *wink*.)

What if I wanted to Sponsor?

If you feel like your work and reputation earned you the motivation to sponsor then please consider these key elements before you make your final decision.

  • Research your brand whether it be person or event because you want to parallel your interests and mission with other like-minded constituents before considering who or what you will sponsor.
  • Do you have the funds or means? Sometimes it all comes down to money or services that you are willing to contribute to the person or event. Communicate what you can offer to the brand as more than likely they will appreciate whatever you can give, but always keep money in mind.
  • Follow-Up. What’s important is that you are not simply handing over money or services, but you are creating a relationship with the brand. Also, it helps to know if the brand was successful or not since you did contribute your resources in the first place.
  • Think outside of the box for new opportunities to sponsor. There are kids out there that want to pursue their dreams and companies that make a difference, it just takes a little openness to see where you can go next.

I am still rather new, but experiencing what it’s like to be sponsored and now being able to sponsor is an exciting process. I will learn even more along my way as America’s Future Talk Show Host.

Share your own thoughts on sponsoring and sponsorships or read why you should still go to NEPA BlogCon even if you are blog-less.

Is sponsoring shameless promotion? Leave a comment below.

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