Future Talk Show Host creates inspiring social network

Self-discovery is steps away with My Inspiration Network

by Bernard-Charles

Arriving shortly back into America, I took a deep look into what I can offer beyond the scope of writing this blog and a blast of light sent me flying into my mind to only uncover an idea I had years ago: my own social network to help people. I’m no Mark Zuckerberg, but I do have talent and focus for my mission and always look for ways to improve myself. As a result, I have expanded the show-blog in creating my own social network called My Inspiration Network.

My Inspiration Network is an online forum based platform to help people discover their own intuitive voice and passion to live a positive life through my successful approach called Inspire. Dream. Create.

The process is simple to understand and it begins with inspiration. Inspiration can stem from people we know personally or not to things we adore like art and music. This inspiring content then shifts over to give us room to dream about how we can connect with our inspirations. These formed dreams and ideas vibrate based on the expectations of the inspirations. Ellen DeGeneres has been a long time inspiration and I equate my dream to host a show to match her level of inspiration. Lastly, the hardest and longest process for some, is to create those dreams into a reality. Creation happens when your whole self is aligned with your dreams and you decide to follow your “soul path” and keep inspiration flowing. (Making this network is just the newest example of my dream living a reality.)

Within my own discoveries and understanding of the intuitive world we all are on this individualized path that is lit by our soul. This soul path is what our intuition truly wants us to achieve or follow. It can be a smorgasbord of various subjects and that makes the soul searching for some more exciting. It then allows those who know what they want to dig deeper into more of life’s offerings.

  • Inspire – Energy gathered externally by others’ creations
  • Dream – Formulated within based on an inspired outside framework
  • Create – Self-production of real dreams and inspiration

The cycle is never ending and is extremely rewarding when approached by an open mind and positive spirit.

Basics of My Inspiration Network

My Inspiration Network (MIN) operates in 3 outlets. The forum site, a monthly newsletter, and a quarterly radio podcast program all available free unless the success is through the roof and the cost to run everything starts kidnapping my wallet.

  1. Forum Site – The majority of interaction happens at the forum site. Accessible daily. Here you will be able to create a member account and reply to various discussion posts on the Positive Space page. All posts will be reviewed and moderated to adhere to the house rules.
  2. Newsletter – Subscribing to the monthly newsletter will highlight MIN News as well as offer you an exclusive taste of my own whereabouts before it hits The Bernard Charles Show.
  3. Radio Show – The podcast is broadcast quarterly as of today’s date. It might change depending on the influx of involvement. The show will consist of interviews, MIN updates and news, thoughts & advice for the IDC process.
If you’re interested in joining My Inspiration Network and want to apply self-discovery to your life please subscribe today to hear news of the site launch!

I am really excited to have come this far and want to encourage all of you to strive for your best too! People can help each other out as well so I hope you do join me in this exciting endeavor.

If you subscribed to my newsletter between 3pm-6pm  on August 14, 2012, there were some technical issues with confirmation emails not sending out. Everything is fixed now, but I urge those who did already subscribe between those hours to resubmit your information. I apologize for the hassle of resubmitting your information, I dislike technology sometimes so much! 


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