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Apparently we are in a deep emotional time astrologically speaking according to the Leo King‘s take on this Mercury trine with Neptune.

Scorpio energy is no silly energy to toss to the side, it’s about decisions and listening to what God, angels and the big U has to say to you.

For me the massive energetic decision is detaching from the nest of Pennsylvania and moving to New York.

And of course my family gives me all the emotional support and encouragement I need to feel heard, but truth is I have to come up with the money to make it happen and I have saved a bit for a car already but that amount is just 20% of what I need to even put down a starting deposit for housing in the big city!

Pretty much it’s a car or moving to NYC carless. 

Risking the life I once knew for a life entranced by characters and lots of color to help the greater kind is not only beneficial for my own sake, but it’s a victory for you as well. I mean I put my life out here to show you the ups and downs of what it takes to be human.

I know you already know what it feels like being human but I am in a very vulnerable position to come out and ask you for money – afterall you may or may not believe in the power of color as strongly as I do but by golly it’s worth everything I have to encourage you to practice a daily form of mindfulness for the sake of saving your soul.

Color is a great creative and moving form that helped me to finally see so much about myself and working with a rainbow altar has been helping others manage their stress, depression and personal confidences.

I just want you to know that I’ve always been a spirited go-getter when it comes to my story and listening fully to others. We all should encourage each other to be authentic and live with supreme kindness.

I desire to show up in this lifetime and take accountability for living independently that so many of you do daily. I admire that about you and I hope you will consider helping me move out of my parents’ house if you want me to continue fighting this good fight.

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Until next time love, light and color 


P.S. I don’t share this lightly and I hope you realize the seriousness of my conviction. The best thank you I can give to you for contributing to my cause is a copy of my color oracle deck. The jury is still out on an official name but all 108 cards are a true account to my spiritual evolution up until this point that I would be honored to extend it’s magic to you if you’d be willing to help a color-bro out!

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