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oshun love money spell photoI’ve had the opportunity to get my hands dirty this past week with a pumpkin and the Orisha, Oshun. The outcome of it all is a free eBook that carries you through my own experience with this Yoruba river Goddess as well as a ritual you can perform with a pumpkin of your choice to enhance abundance and love in your life.

The results of this spell include an increased focus with spell-work in general, a stronger connection with Oshun and enhanced awareness for business and love.

Today, I was asked to teach people about crystals and will be planning many crystal healing workshops in the coming months! On the love front, I have yet to feel spiritually connected with anyone and that’s my top most quality when browsing the dating catalog. So, if Prince Charming would like to turn this pumpkin into a carriage, be my guest! I trust he will have the Midas touch.

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