Fiverr offers spiritual healing gigs and tarot readings

Sharing my fan art with you

by Bernard-Charles

It’s quite extraordinary to me when you receive art work created just for you. Whether it is a poem or a painting, the muse came from your light and the artist was the vehicle of expression. We all have this dash of divine inspiration in us! 

Fiverr is a new expanding territory for me this year and I had no idea where my color reading talent would lead me. I loved creating videos on YouTube but somehow there was more to be conquered. Individual sellers on Fiverr offer goods and services called gigs for $5. The range of topics is so vast that I can only really speak for my area of expertise and that is: offering color, tarot and tea readings. 

I have clients from all around the world and one specific person by the name of Tyron Love took it upon himself to create a happy doodle for me. 

intuitionhost color reading fiverr gig photo


This act of kindness reminds me that I am advancing in my truth. The feedback on my work and on my Facebook is astoundingly motivating. I feel like I am heard. The primary colors are so elementary in this image but I believe it captures the youthful essence in my personality. 

So, take some time this month to create some fun art for someone you admire or look up to. It might just send them in a social media frenzy like me. I want everyone to see this beautiful masterpiece! Also, if you are in need of some spiritual guidance than I suggest checking out the numerous gigs being offered at Fiverr

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