Finding employment during the Fiscal Cliff

How to keep fueling passions in a new age

by Bernard-Charles

fiscal cliff career advice pete leibman dream goals happy new year photoProbably not the hottest thing to do is to look for a job during the Fiscal Cliff. Not to mention, various holidays just went by and no one wants to do anything anyway. Thus, your attention and motivation dwindle and we lose sight of what we wanted to achieve in the first place. Good thing the New Year is now. Resolution-fever is at an all time high and people are challenging themselves to become better for the greater good (we hope).

Well, if you’ve been unemployed for weeks like I have or months then lose no hope because I have a remedy that just might combat those winter blues of empty pockets. And it doesn’t deal with getting that gas station job either, that would be too easy. I was literally in a sulky mood all day today feeling a pressure to produce some sort of solution to my dilemma of being an unemployed college grad. Then I stumbled upon this statistic from The Atlantic:

About 1.5 million, or 53.6 percent, of bachelor’s degree-holders under the age of 25 last year were jobless or underemployed, the highest share in at least 11 years.

Two things happened when I read this. First, I felt reassured that I wasn’t alone in this sad little world. And the second was “Ouch how am I ever going to become an awesome talk show host with this energy lingering around.” Then it all clicked inside my little head. We are living in a very different world compared to 20 years ago. Information is faster and the world is a lot more closer than it was back when grandma and grandpa wanted that vacation in Tuscany. Yeah, times have changed and so is how we need to think about applying for work.

Be the real you

During my college days, I was very bold in revealing my passion to people. The next talk show host. I felt like everyone wanted that title, but I quickly realized that not to many classmates did. They all wanted to be news anchors and tech-peeps. Then, somehow my light opened others’ eyes and BAM, new aspiring hosts were born. Some days, I think to myself that I have this power of auto-trend setting. It happens with new sites I find and in about a week that same site is on Good Morning America. Always had this unique ability for synchronicity and flow that I could never explain until I dived into a more spiritually centered life. Basically, the point here is that it’s best to announce  to the world the REAL you first.

The real you can come from the sports you play, books you read, music you write or listen to. Even those awesome doodles you draw represent you. These leisure activities enable you to be in a natural state of flow. Thus, building the perfect identity for someone about to apply for schooling, a job, or trying to get to know a future boyfriend or girlfriend. Just be you.

Matchmaking the company to you

Now, we have your identity in place. The next point in line is to tell you that the Universe is the limit. We all have prescribed levels of skill given to us either biologically or socially and should be aware that there are many different types of jobs all over in any industry. We need to be real and understand that we can only do certain things for certain amounts of time or with certain people. This might hinder our chances of finding work, but we have to apply our best and only the best. So, here you need to look for companies that match your true interests and passions. More than likely, the same  companies are the ones that feed into your identity automatically. For me, I love Badger Balm and their organic-happy mission. I would apply to this company because they match my moral ethics as well as fit into my down to Earth style of living. The same goes for Llewellyn Worldwide and even more elevated would be Warner Bros because Ellen DeGeneres, my inspiration, works for that specific company.  It’s all about playing matchmaker and thinking creatively outside of the box.

Break the ordinary rules

Today, I started my color readings for the Soul Path Tribe and the color that came to be was Cherry. The meaning of this color is to live an extraordinary life. Living life to the fullest potential. Partly, I am writing this post for myself so I remember my own inspirations, but also I need to blog more regularly since 2012 proved to be my best year so far, I want 2013 to top it. My ordinary way would be to blog when I could. But being extraordinary is to blog every chance I have. If you aren’t a blogger than you could have ignored that bloggy part, but it is important to know that beating your personal best is a great feeling. It shows true progress and sometimes it just takes doing more to getting ahead in life.

The ordinary rules in applying for a job nowadays is to submit that electronic application and hope to the megabytes that the program picks your resume and application. Sadly, that is mundane and gets people no where. Extraordinary measures for job conjuring would be

  • Apply online
  • Email a specific person/company head (Or multiple people for that matter)
  • Mail a physical copy of your application materials

This would ensure some traffic to your name and reputation, but not full coverage to getting that job. In the meantime, there comes follow-ups and thank you letters if an interview has been granted. Of course, that little bug of creativity is another factor and it all matters if the company appeals to be an organization that enjoys the effort of enthusiastic individuals. Use your best judgement on how far you can push the envelope. Don’t be creepy though.

Timing is certainly everything and since being a winter grad, I don’t recommend doing it as it can be a very awkward time to look for a job if you don’t already have one lined up before you leave that dorm room forever. Luckily, I have one job that is a great canidate, I am just stuck in the holiday freeze. That’s another drag being an early grad – the wait is longer because Santa has to come with a new year following it. However, it’s a new year anyway and new goals should come into play for the better. If you loved my advice and want a more fantastic resource to help you along your career path, then I recommend reading Pete Leibman’s I Got My Dream Job and So Can You: 7 Steps to Creating Your Ideal Career After College

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