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january 1 2015 color reading

Happy New Year.

2015 is here, so how does it feel for you?

For me there is this mega appeal to excel, expand and excite. I supercharge others by helping them connect to color intuitively through my readings, and lately the energy I’ve been tapping into is amazingly awesome that it feels like electricity as one of my clients put it simply.

This universal feeling reminds me of lightening. And what better energy to activate yourself with for the new year?

If you haven’t gotten a color reading in awhile and would like to see what colors are influencing you right now, I am available. Yet, if you are swiftly knocking and rocking around for power than go find your power color for free with my Color Search tool.

powercolor tease

Basically you will come out with two colors that you can implement in your life quickly and proudly because these are your colors meant for you to feel empowered.

I would love to know what colors you saw so come back here to leave a comment.

Until next time <3 :star: and :mrgreen:


p.s. Check out my 14-day drawing challenge. It’s exclusively for the bold, beautiful and brave!



  1. Olivine and heliotrope. I had to look those up lol. Heliotrope is also a purple plant, so I wasn’t sure which one to go with.

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