Facebook adopts blue verification check symbol

A Social Network Hound

by Bernard-Charles

Twitter came out with verified accounts long before Facebook, but like any big business taking what works…just works.

I hopped on over to like Ricki Lake’s Facebook Page and noticed a blue check mark like the one on Twitter next to her name. I thought for sure this is another attempt at trying to implement little things from other networks that proven their success. However, Facebook is considered the home of all social media. You don’t see Granny Smith tweeting fake news all the time, she is instead playing a peeping tom on your Facebook. She like many other people prefer Facebook. I just think the blue check should at least be different color, but that would confuse people right?

facebook blue check verification account photo

This is a fabulous start to making sure impostors stay out of the game. However, what about the users that claim to work for you or your company and in reality don’t? I still think page account owners should have the right to manage this intrusion. It was back in September 2012, when I knew someone was using my America’s Future Talk Show Host title to brand themselves. They didn’t even look like me!

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