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Taking part in a branding class with spirit guides enabled me to discover that my ideal clients are like fireflies. These are people with a natural inner light which guides them to more light beings creating an everlasting river of illumination. I used to collect tiny fireflies when I was younger, and the magical act never left me because I’ve been spiritually collecting lights from all over the world along my journey as an aspiring talk show host, now spiritual light keeper.

FireFly Program: What is it?

The way the program works is through a fan page application called Booshaka. The website analyzes my Facebook page engagements to produce the top 10 fans, posters, commenters, likers and movers. So, to keep the lights still shining, every Friday, I will share the Top 10 Fireflies that engage with my posts as well as provide a 3-Card Color reading (a value of $15) for their week ahead. Additionally, at the end of each month, I will honor the first place Firefly with a color reading for their month ahead (a value of $25).

FB Top FireflyTo become a FireFly today, go to my Facebook page and be sure to click on the FireFly tab below my cover photo (it looks like the image to the right). Follow the prompts and you will be ranked into the system for the day. The key to being the brightest firefly in the jar is to simply engage with your light. What I provide is a small catalyst for your intuitive growth and I want to help guide you to your innermost light because I am merely a host of intuition.

FireFly Program

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