Edinburgh visit captures the awe in the Knight of the Thistle

Thursday’s anticipation and arrival of the Royal family in presenting Prince William as a Knight of the Thistle was the highlight of my visit to Edinburgh, Scotland.

No words can describe the energy of the crowd gathering on the Royal Mile and so I took these photos to help illustrate the royal occasion.

Credit: Bernard-Charles/ Crossing the North Bridge and the fog just surrounds the area like a cloak. Concealing the land for the Queen indeed.
Credit: Bernard-Charles/ The crowds are gathering outside the St Giles’ Cathedral on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile.
Credit: Bernard-Charles/ This historic event surely is a good time for businesses and vendors along the route.
Credit: Bernard-Charles/ You could practically hear the heartbeat of the audience just seconds before the Royal family arrives.
Credit: Bernard-Charles/ The vehicles arrive and the crowd in unison lifts their cameras, phones, and video recorders to capture the awe-inspiring moment.
Credit: Bernard-Charles/ Truly, a remarkable sight to witness as an American.
Credit: Bernard-Charles/ A photographer’s motivation.

The crowd eventually dwindled away as the ceremony ended. I was not as fortunate to be in front of the onlookers, but it was just as fascinating to feel the movement and vibrancy of respect that the United Kingdom has for its Royalty. I still can feel the silence as I share this with you.

One of my flatmates, Sara Liming did manage to take some glorious photography of the Queen and Kate riding in their cars.

Have you ever experienced something as jubilant or gone somewhere that was soaked in appreciation and sacredness?

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