There’s a radical protest happening inside the walls of our lightworker kingdom.¬†New age beliefs vs Christianity¬†is a constant battle for the modern day spirit junkie. And hearing the news about Doreen Virtue¬†quitting the tarot new age business and becoming a born-again Christian is disgruntling many tarot-enthusiasts, pagan and new agers everywhere.

Here’s my video response to the transformation.

You bought her books, decks and even got certified in the realm reading, and now Doreen Virtue tells you that worshiping false idols is wrong. I too feel heated and burned. But I also feel a tiny bit of guilt¬†and shame. Why? Because we’ve all been taught to worship our heroes, teachers, and parents placing them in a special light assuming they have the authority over our needs, wants and desires for the highest good. But this only makes us neglect their humanity. Deflecting their rusty parts. And whitewashing over their toxic egos. And that’s a major myth in both New Age beliefs and Christianity.

Celebrity obsession.



Jesus is seen as a superstar. So is every other leading billboard¬†artist. Best selling author. Oprah’s favorites. Culturally we want the world to like us, but sometimes we do things or say things that stop the world from liking us. Putting people on a pedestal is what ego and fear demands. I talk about it more in Rainbow Revolution. And it’s exactly what readers and die-hard angel therapy fans are going through right now as Doreen Virtue professionally transitions away from the teddy-bear version of Jesus¬†worship to the almighty-holy-spirit-impregnate-me worship.

So what?

The¬†white hot truth of the matter is that we must stop giving our power away to authors, musicians, and politicians as though they are the one true God having all the answers in every possible way. We must learn to celebrate and not criticize one another for our deeply personal spiritual practices. You no longer have to buy Doreen Virtue’s decks, books or meditations that no longer feel true to where you are right now on your journey. We all ebb and flow.

This isn’t a witch hunt or a brand boycott either on Hay House/Doreen Virtue products/services either. Genuinely the real Lord and Lady of the Universe speaks to us if we got money or don’t gots the money. I don’t care what religion you follow or where you’re from because honestly, color is a magic that’s not defined by religion¬†or skin color. What’s even more beautiful, you have all the power you need to make life happen for you instead of to you. And although there’s some bruising because Doreen¬†Virtue is quitting the new age scene, I look at it as an opportunity for any genuine lightworker attuned to the real vibration of unity, love, and karmic selflessness to fill the throne every day using whatever power tool they choose like tarot, crystals or essential oils to make this earthly kingdom a cleaner, brighter and more enjoyable place.

I’ll leave you with this.

Just because someone decides to doubt magic, doesn’t mean you have to either. You are a very powerful and unique being on this planet. And we all need you to share your light without labels. You don’t need the bible or Jesus to have faith.

You are the faith you seek. And the peace you keep.


  1. Hi,
    At first I was startled and concerned by it. Then I realized that we as human beings are always growing and evolving…just as Doreen is. Which means…this is what is shifting collectively as well. When I asked a very intuitive mentor of mine about this shift she said:

    Intuitive Mentor: “This is the flip-flop energy we’re all in at this point in history. She no longer needs the “higher” aspects of her spiritual work, but rather the more “grounded”, more “human” aspects. Remember, she has been doing the higher, spirit, soul work for DECADES, without being grounded in the human.

    We’re incomplete when we do one and not the other. Whether that is only doing our human first, or onlY doing our soul first. This is an experience of being a Soul in a human. Integrating both as fully as we can.

    It may look like “going backwards” to some, when really it is going full circle.

    That’s what I’ve gotten about this whole thing, anyway.
    What came to me is how the new age grounding to planet earth more….becoming more mainstream, so to speak. So that means it is becoming more integrated with spirit and the physical (earth). Just like how Christianity and the likes are getting more spiritual (new age) in nature vs just religious. In another word the whole rise of modern Christianity coming to play which is more well rounded. So many non-denomination christian churches nowadays has that new age flair.

    I’m sure there are many examples about the shift in Doreen. It’s happening everywhere though.

  2. Thank you for this, Bernard. I feel the exact same way. What people do on their own journey is their own business and it shouldn’t devalue what you are doing on your own journey, as long as we are not harming, or shaming in the process. There’s no need to idolize people anyway. We all have free will and can change our minds and discover different things as we see fit. Its all part of living and connecting and understanding.

    1. Yup. For the last 90 days I’ve been doing a lot of Jesus meditations and finding more peace in it for me personally. This is not the end for sure! All beginnings.

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