Demons are everywhere in this game of life

I just started singing this out of the blue.

Now we know that one’s intuition doesn’t just throw messages willy nilly.

I’ve been in a dark and dismal refuge since Sunday. The light and love that once marked my path has been replaced by anger, destruction and sadness. This is what the thinning of the veil does because those creepy crawlies just get the best of you.

And now I am listening to this.

Is there anything you can do to protect yourself from the demons that surround you?

Yes, you can yell and curse up a storm. Or you can dismiss all worldly concerns and go within and try and soothe your frightened spirit.

A magical encounter happened moons ago and this wheel is making a complete turn to mark a year.

Just feels a bit tattered and weathered.

Quite unusual and it’s totally verbally abusive.

His poignant remarks taunt me for not communicating and being intimate enough.

Demons coax our minds and let us play with hearts not our own until we bleed no more.

I can never forgive someone that consistently holds on to my refusal to speak human language when clearly I operate on a different level.

If you claim to be empathic then feel more and do less.

Valuing people for who they are in a soul way is what I innately do, but human forms really piss me the fuck off.

I don’t know.

So much of this spinning wheel is a gambled effort to win earthly rewards.

Demons and all are part of the gameplay.

So when it comes to relating to others they too have their own demons to deal with – play nice.

Color cocooning my energy

I’m working with pink, white and aquamarine colors to calm + balance these grisly feelings that the darkened Autumn season beholds. It’s not easy combating seasonal depression but I have to express what is happening for my own sake.

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1 thought on “Demons are everywhere in this game of life

  1. ‘Valuing people for who they are in a soul way is what I innately do, but human forms really piss me the fuck off.’

    LOL Wonderfully put 🙂

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