Dealing with Competition in the new age holistic wellness community

What do you do when you are approached by jealous, insecure, codependent and fearful people that accuse you of stealing clients or business for that matter? You simply send them compassion and here’s why.

For the sake of professionalism, I am not going to recall specific names, but just know that I commented on a post revealing my synchronicity in the matter of the benefits of lemon water. I was happy to see that I received a friend request beforehand  and the same person left a comment on a post about drinking lemon water. Well, the post owner sent me this message via Facebook:

Facebook Message Competition

Now when I went back to the post that this person was referring to, all comments were removed and then eventually the entire post could not be found. Initially this was very nice of them to reach out and tell me their concerns, but when I recollected what I was saying, about being happy to connect with so and so and that lemon water was something I was sharing with my clients this past weekend, I just thought to myself…there IS nothing wrong with me commenting on a social media site!

Unfortunately, this is not a business fan page, but a regular personal Facebook page and so using it for business I can’t really justify besides you can say you have a max of 5,000 friends…yippee. So replying the way I did was necessary because I knew with all those exclamation marks in the text meant not only excitement but yelling. The person could have easily just left a comment on their own post indicating this message but clearly, taking it behind the scenes was something to keep away from the public eye as a way to not come across as hateful or fearful, but it is what it is.

I’ve dealt with people all my life accusing me of things that have been only false many times. I don’t need to give away any of my personal power to people that choose to see the bad and ugly in life. I recognize that they may have falsely identified that I was taking away business but sadly, that’s not how social media works these days. All people have the choice to what they connect with, like and comment. It’s a new revolutionary freedom of expression. My intentions were not to pull people away but help support the effects of lemon water as I recommended my firefies the same thing! We are fighting for the same cause but of course we have to zoom in onto the point of selfish individualism that the ego loves so much.

So for this person to accuse me of stealing is simply offensive and I had to write about it because I know this has been a topic that anyone is bound to experience. Some people in these positive light giving communities and groups come off as adorable and super real, but you as a human being need to use your intuition to weed out the fakes. It’s that simple. Because seeing a person in a certain light can mask your senses to the truth. I could have explained myself more, but it was said and done and I needn’t fan the flames any longer. Instead it was a great point to blog about because I know you too have wrangled with needless competition and may need a reminder to send compassion instead of fighting your ground.


Money doesn’t matter to angels or in the afterlife so if you are so caught up on people taking away business traffic and that’s all you care about then all I can provide to you is compassion because when life hands you lemons…wait, that one’s already taken.

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