Day 9 – Be willing to love yourself

May Cause Miracles: Adding a little self-love

by Bernard-Charles

There are plenty of times where we find ourselves doing so much for other people or to other projects outside of ourselves. This is all fine and dandy but it becomes a problem when you’re truly not happy and you become the Mother Teresa that no one sees. Yes, in my positive psychology class we learned about the diaries (well letters) of Mother Teresa describing her crisis as a follower and believer of the Christian faith. Simply, she was focusing on others so much that she disconnected self-love in the process. I say she needed a man or woman in her life to give her a great big ole smooch! I don’t think anyone should neglect their instinctive rights when it comes to love. You are allowed to love other people and you absolutely are allowed to love yourself.

The affirmation for today –

I am willing to let go of my self-doubt. I surrender to self-love.

I would love to have the global impact that Mother Teresa had on everyone, but I don’t have that yet. I can only learn from her mistakes and mine as well. Today’s focus was on self-love and surrendering ourselves to that love. I sat and created new soul path tribe goals for this month, created a goddess altar for this month (we are dealing with Artemis), and managed to enjoy a catch up session with my Mobwives. Can’t wait for the season finale! It’s going to be hot hot hot.Yeah, these were my self-love moments of the day. Reality television isn’t really reality, but it I do love watching it. Just so stupid some of the things the characters do and say. Makes me laugh. I left my worries at the door today because self-love shouldn’t have any worry. Gabby mentioned in the book that working on self-love may come across as being selfish or narcissistic but that simply isn’t the case. Most people on a spiritual journey feel out of place as they cope with mainstream thought and action. Because of this they have compared themselves for years and automatically forget to love themselves. So, I say fuck the non-believers and genuinely care for YOU for the greater power of true love.

My miracle moments –
  1. Cuppa tea – I made myself some delicious tea to compliment the soul path tribe’s color of the week. Drinking tea is another act of self-care because tea has so many beneficial qualities to it. That and meditation will really amp up the self-love meter. 
  2. Sunlight – After I had made my Artemis altar, I pulled some incense to light to welcome the new Goddess energy and saw a gorgeous sign that Diana/Artemis is really here. If you don’t know anything about this Goddess, she is known for hunting and the moon. She is often depicted carrying a bow and arrow and this is what I saw today on my wall. Take a lookie.

artemis goddess diana symbol sign soul path tribe photo

So there, a great sacred journey thus far and I am so grateful to be able to share it with you. How did your day go? What’s your favorite self-love activity? Check out the Day 9 morning reflection vlog and let me know if My Inspiration Network can help you out. Thanks for reading. 🙂


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