Day 9 & 10 – Connecting with Goddess Coventina and Aradia

Inner Goddess Revolution: Empty activities & Pursuing my purpose

by Bernard-Charles

rainbow bloostone photo
Participating in a crystal swap online is fun! This is what I received in my first exchange: Rainbow Bloodstone – An intense healing stone and a crystal of courage.

There is a reason behind the combination of these two days for my goddess revolution because yesterday, I spent as little time possible on my laptop. Being on my laptop is a huge energy drain and the time wasted surfing the net and playing games doesn’t truly benefit me. I even had to deal with a throbbing headache all day. The Goddess associated with yesterday was Coventina. There is little known about this Goddess as time swept away her story, however I took something wise from this fact. Our time in how we exchange our self to others and situations matter. For this reason, we should constantly act in and for love that will leave a long lasting positive impression. This karmic stamp can benefit our environments, genealogy and reputation in the times to come after this lifetime.

Upon valuing our time, we can focus on our purpose and this is where Goddess Aradia walks forth. She is believed to have continued the legacy of Goddess Diana with the Italians by teaching the townspeople magic in order to live a better life against persecution and their dismal realities. I am quite certain that both Goddesses ring true for me in my current revolutionary state of spirituality. For one, my online life steals precious physical time to do things and connect with human beings in the flesh. My purpose isn’t to be a hermit but to live life fully and freely.

What is your purpose?

My purpose on this planet is to reveal to people that they are energetic life-changing beings with the power of one.

If money or time were no object, how could you bring your purpose into existence?

Meeting with countless people to listen to their stories and share my own in order to inspire growth and awaken a feeling of oneness with them.

If you imagine your life as if you were already living your purpose, how does it make you feel? What would your life look like?

It makes me feel accomplished, renewed and loved. My life would be rich in love and support. I know that I have bonds across the globe. If I need to connect with someone than I know I can count on them for that connection. Flying all over to hug people, cry with people and share their own perspective on being them. I envision my television talk show being a traveling show of some sort capturing the realities of people and helping them see a grand oneness in all of life. I want others to feel like I just “get them” for them. The best way to describe my life would be swirly with many colors intermixing. The end result would be clearness and serenity.

Inner Goddess Affirmation

I fearlessly pursue my purpose.


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