Day 8 – My feel good moments

Welcome to my self-compassion series prompted and inspired by this free e-course! For the rest of the month, I will do my best to open my heart center to breathe in compassion for myself and others.

Day 8 focuses on how mindful we are during our day. It’s a magical task of awakening and you shouldn’t feel guilty for wanting to love yourself.

What things do I notice throughout my day that feel good in the moment?

Sex? This is probably something many people connect to and can honestly say in the moment  makes them feel so good. However, I don’t like going along with the bandwagon because that’s too easy. And I’m notoriously a tease in the love-game anyhow. 😉 My life is more so about the simple things that tickle my fancy. A beauty within the fine details of intuition and texture of true emotion.

I’ve spent years observing people. Taking note on their reactions, word usage and behavioral patterns. It’s just something that kept me on top of my game and while doing this I’ve learned when to smile, laugh, hug, touch, cry, get angry and play dumb. It’s a show for sure and I appreciate playing my part. The things that I notice that truly make me feel good in the moment are:

  • Smelling a new book
  • Kissing
  • Walking alongside someone
  • Singing
  • Remembering to smile
  • Writing to anyone that wants to read my words

Even though I might come across as an uptight person, I just don’t give away my precious light to anyone. I love to love and love is what I can give is something I’ve written on my online dating profile before. I believe that loving yourself and the present moment you’re in will make you feel good no matter what as long as it’s healthy and for the highest good.


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