Day 5 – Living with self-compassion

Welcome to my self-compassion series prompted and inspired by this free e-course! For the rest of the month, I will do my best to open my heart center to breathe in compassion for myself and others.

Day 5 reminds us to live with self-compassion. It’s a magical task of awakening and you shouldn’t feel guilty for wanting to love yourself.

Where does Self-Compassion live?

While growing up, I remember thinking how wonderful it must be to live like someone else. Be part of their happy family, wear their fancy clothes and eat what they would have in their lunchbox. Today, I realize that this way of thinking is false false false! (I do relapse at times but not as bad.) Self-compassion lives inside of your heart center. This is a place of appreciation and gratitude for your own light-filled self. A point where you genuinely feel your own value. 

People can struggle with this for lifetimes. Always trying to one up somebody or fall short of commitments because they fear themselves in the moment. Whatever the case may be, self-compassion is a serene picnic spot for nourishment and beauty that discord and chaos can never tamper or change. 

The easiest way to explain where self-compassion lives is through simplicity. If you don’t attach your value to material things and outward situations then your source of inspiration will be everlastingly organic. You’re a rebel against the negative and your cause is simply peace. Peace for yourself creates peace with the world. 

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