Day 5 – Connecting with Goddess Ishtar

Inner Goddess Revolution: Decision-making

by Bernard-Charles

This time last year, I was in Scotland. Have you ever went abroad?

The week is flying by as my family begins the final stretch in their move and I prepare for my job interview tomorrow. Today’s Goddess focus reminds the revolutionaries to take charge for their own choices. Goddess Ishtar journeyed to the underworld for a lover. Turns out she dies in the process and needs to find a replacement in order to live again. Well, she finds her lover and notices that he is having the time of his life in Hell. All that for nothing so she chooses him to replace her seat in the underworld and returns to the world of the living.

There is much stock in Goddess Ishtar’s wise tale and all I can say is that some people are beyond helping when you might not have the agility or power to save a life. This is true as I venture to my father’s house today. An alcoholic lives with my dad that is too proud to change for the good and there is nothing I can do. I am not mean to him nor do I want to be. I think him hiding his beer cans under the bed is extreme, talking about his deceased wife all the time is annoying and his temper has a short fuse leading me to proceed with caution. Yes, this is the environment that I have to experience, but I am sure many more people have it worse. This guy is enjoying his last days like many others with uncontrollable vices. Is it my job to try and change him or anyone else, nope. I am making the decision to watch out for myself because Goddess Ishtar’s fate would not fair with this mortal.

Making decisions can be quite complex and the emotions involved can muddle the logic in anyone. Lyn shares that using aromatherapy to clear the mind and re-focus the attention helps a lot and I can tell you she is absolutely correct! Using these essential oils in a bath or soap definitely cleans up the mess in my head with a good dosage of intent. 

  • rosemary
  • eucalyptus
  • lemon
  • basil
  • juniper
  • peppermint
  • sage

I fixed myself a mental clarity shower today with peppermint and eucalyptus oil and the aroma’s filled the room with arrows of precision. I felt like it cut through the BS and got down to pristine focus. I smelled good afterwards too!

Who do you usually say ‘yes’ to when really you want to say ‘no’?

I care about others feelings okay! It’s the cancer sign in my house of friendships. Yet, the Aries in me definitely overrides most of the time and I have an easy time saying no. The last time I was in this tight predicament was when my ex-friends pressured me into going somewhere or doing something like watch TV when I honestly did not want to be social at all. Yes, I love friends, but I love being solitary just as much.

In what situations do you usually answer on autopilot rather than give thought to the questions?

Everyone hates me for this but I never answer on autopilot. I always hesitate or be quiet and process the motivations of those asking the questions. When I went to MHS, my houseparent told me that he also pauses before answering any questions. Tomorrow in my interview, I will be taking my time (when necessary) to collect my own thoughts and really understand what my future employer is actually asking me. I always love to think steps ahead before I make a move, it’s totally like playing the game, Connect 4.

How much attention do you give to your decisions, especially the everyday ones?

I feel like I am always attentive with making decisions. I survey the land and recognize the options before me when I eat, dress myself or decide on a seat to sit at a restaurant for example. We have so many decisions to make and each one is critical to how we feel and respond. Do you look at the bigger picture or decide on immediate pleasure?

How do you honestly feel about making sure your decisions serve you?

I love it. I would not be me without making self-serving choices. However, I think there is a needed balance to keep those selfish thoughts in check. Your decisions effect outcomes and people around you so being mindful of that will help deter problems and unneeded negativity.

Inner Goddess Revolution

My decisions serve me.


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