Day 4 – Connecting with Goddess Athena

Inner Goddess Revolution: My PMS

by Bernard-Charles

super full moon soul path tribe ritual aries photo
My full moon ritual to attract more bliss into my life.

Doesn’t that sound heavenly…P-M-S? I suppose you may disagree with me there, but in fact it stands for personal mission statement. Today’s revolution focuses on what our purpose is in life. This is a huge Rubick’s Cube for many and for me as well. I could tell you my purpose is to become America’s Future Talk Show Host, but that is only a small facet of my soul-purpose.

Yes, a dream job is great to have but there is more to it than just making money. I would hope you never say your purpose in life is to make money. Money is totally an outward exchange of energy and not even remotely close to being fulfilling. Positive psychology studies have proven that happiness does not come from money in the long haul. So why relate happiness with purpose?

In one phrase: the pursuit of happiness. This founding belief of the United States teaches people the false value in material possessions. Owning property is just a small fraction of happiness. True happiness is a pursuit that people should strive to make as their purpose. This past full moon I performed a Soul Path Tribe ritual where I wrote on a bottle of spring water the super-feelings I wanted to attract into my life. I set those bottles out in the backyard to absorb the full moon power. Today, I drank the water by making some delightful black cherry tea out of it. Cherry from my color readings symbolizes living an extraordinary life and today’s color was red! The essence I wanted more of was bliss. I love feeling light and free, but it doesn’t always come easy as Goddess Athena’s story reveals.

If you knew what your purpose is in life, what would it be?

Be happy. Upon creating my Goddess Lilith musical playlist yesterday, I learned more about a woman that chooses a simple life over the fame and fortune. Helen Reddy, a talented Australian seventies singer known for I’ll Be Your Candle on the Water and I am Woman started a symbolic revolution within popular culture. She also knows her purpose so well that I will let her explain:

Where does your soul want to lead you?

Right now I want to go everywhere. I have a thirst to soak up life in all corners of the world because I know most don’t realize how connected we all are. When I was younger I pretended to have international business trips when I would visit relatives and eventually leave for boarding school. I sat my invisible children and stuff animals down and confessed to them that I had to leave on important matters. I kept records of their grades and teaching has always been a passion of mine. If I can go anywhere to experience an adventure and teach people, I will go without hesitation.

What feelings do you love to feel, and what do you have to to get them?

I love to feel inspired. When there is a song that ripples throughout my soul like Katy Perry’s Firework or Helen Reddy’s I am Woman, I melt in pure enjoyment. A great book and movie can move me the same way. I also love to feel love. I know that I have touched people’s lives and I never want to forget them. I value my interactions with people and have this need to feel like I am loved just as much as I love them.

What skills come naturally to you, and you enjoy doing?

Teaching is a strong asset of mine. Next to that, I adore my skill of listening. The empath in me really soaks up people’s stories and places me in their shoes. Now, along with this I know that people could abuse this love I have for them so I protect myself from the liars by building a defensive shell around me until I can prove that they are genuinely exchanging energy to me. I guess you can say my people skills are fantastic as I follow my intuition.

If you couldn’t fail, what would you do?

I would sing. This is the one form of art that has me scared of failure more than ever and it’s a hidden passion that I embraced tremendously as a child. My sister and I would always sing songs and make ones up about the color changing leaves on trees and one time about a baby blue bird sitting on a window sill. She actually had more singing success in school than me. My voice is an interesting thing and I am still pondering it’s symbolic impression on my life. Will I ever be able to sing like my soul sings?

Inner Goddess Affirmation

With clarity, my soul-light shines brighter.

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