Day 36 – Witness your ways in the world

May Cause Miracles: Turning the snooze on war

by Bernard-Charles

Happy Monday to you. Today begins our final week with May Cause Miracles and I could not think of a better book to read for the spring time. Spring is all about renewal and growth and I truly have grown from this experience.

The affirmation for today –

For my peace and the peace of the world, I choose love.

I had to reconnect with my Soul Path family on Facebook and it’s a good thing I did. Looks like a lingering feeling of disconnection was affecting everyone. I must say that the warm weather has us out and about and taking life by the horns. For some, this might not be true but we often do find ourselves smelling the flowers alongside our path once in awhile. When we do come to this realization we should affirm that our main mission is to choose love over fear and negativity.

Peace can thrive any where love thrives. I began this journey by avoiding the news and then decided that I should test my miracle mindset and get current. Things are still the same, but looks like there are thoughts of new war in Syria. My immediate reaction consisted of this is gross, never, don’t do it again, and why. There could be tons of excuses and reasons surrounding this issue, but a deeper consciousness at hand is how people feel when it comes to the word peace. Have you ever felt this word doesn’t get enough credit for what it’s worth?

A vision of Hillary Clinton saying the word comes to mind when I think of peace. Disregarding labels and titles for a moment, this is a woman with power presenting a position of peace. Peace to me means not having war and violence it however has been diluted to a “hippy movement.” You don’t have to grow your hair out long and play wild to follow a path of peace. In May Cause Miracles, Gabby suggests choosing love and you will ultimately have peace for yourself and peace for the world. She talks about Ghandi being a figurehead of peace and I must say that is noble and historic, but since it isn’t current the concept turns people off because we live in a society that likes the thrills of fear, violence and edgy fad that resembles a maturity level of a teenager.

Witnessing my ego take form today, I could only be grateful for my present moment in sunshine and to send love to wherever it needed to go. I sympathize with the victims of malice. Peace will fill the world. We all will come together as one and when we do, we will shine forward gallantly.

My miracle moments –
  1. Morning sunshine – Enjoyed today’s nice weather while reading the newspaper. 
  2. Scotland arrives – My dear friend that I met in Scotland sent me a signature Scottish treat. It tasted like home.

So there, a great sacred journey thus far and I am so grateful to be able to share it with you. How did your day go? Got peace? Check out the Day 36 morning reflection vlog and let me know if My Inspiration Network can help you out. Thanks for reading.


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