Day 27 – Miraculous relationships

May Cause Miracles: Working with spirit

by Bernard-Charles

I had no idea how today’s theme was going to affect me until I started watching Long Island Medium on YouTube. Yes, miraculous relationships with spirits probably wasn’t Gabby’s main point for Day 27, but I think it absolutely fits the message.

The affirmation for today –

Today I am a miracle worker. I choose to see love in all.

I started my day by doing the morning reflection video and running to the bank to deposit my refund check. I came home and interacted with my siblings and mother. Pretty low key until I decided to complete another soul path goal for the month: Easter Cheese (Sirecz). Yes, it’s been like a month since Easter, but I really wanted to make this traditional dish as it reflects a good portion of my childhood. The happy memories I do have are associated with my late grandmother. (This is where you can play connect the dots with Theresa Caputo.)

My mom told me that my father’s mother would make 4 to 6 balls of this sweet egg slavic dish every year for Easter. The process to make it takes patience and lots of love indeed. I developed a sense of encouragement inside of me for bringing to life something my grandmother dedicated herself to making as well. I lost her when I was young and can’t really say I grieved like everyone else. I remember running to my room upon hearing the news because it was sad, but afterwards I just accepted it. Something about her assured me she would be okay and I focused on being a kid while listening to the adults talk about how I lost my favorite grandparent.

What I adore about growing up is that there is all this talk of fear and religious sin that determines what happens when we die. I only fear death because society wants me to fear death. When I was younger, I would not have known any better or worse. It would simply just be. Gabby inadvertently reminds us that we in a daily bumble take each interaction for granted, and we often don’t realize it until it’s too late. Lets appreciate all our holy encounters because we never truly know how each energetic exchange as shaped us to be the person we are today and will become in the future. This was my miraculous shift in consciousness and because of my delight in mediumship and all things spiritual I know I can connect with love in more ways than one.

My miracle moments –
  1. I am alive today. 

So there, a great sacred journey thus far and I am so grateful to be able to share it with you. How did your day go? Did you ever feel like you’ve connected with a loved one that has passed over to the spirit realm? Check out the Day 27 morning reflection vlog and let me know if My Inspiration Network can help you out. Thanks for reading. 😀

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