Day 26 – F Everyone

May Cause Miracles: XXX

by Bernard-Charles

Today’s focus on forgiveness allowed me to enjoy a good start to the weekend. A lot of self-forgiveness came in handy as my mom and I attempted to construct dinner. Yes, construct dinner.

The affirmation for today –

I could see peace instead of this.

My mom and I decided to make a homemade meat pie today and it turned out to be very yummy, but the lesson of it came from making it altogether. I learned that laughing at our breaking crust, flour being all over our clothes and forgetting the cheese was much more peaceful than cursing up a storm at each other. My mom generally avoids making homemade crust but with my experience of pie making, I knew we could do it. Indeed we did and forgave any hiccups along the way.

I had an issue with today’s affirmation because of the word could. Yes, we can see peace, but are we truly choosing to see the peace. I thought this affirmation could have offered a mission to actively see and act out peace. Since I knew where Gabby was coming from here, I let it slide but made it a point to bring it up for discussion here. Thoughts? 

My miracles moments –
  1. Money – My refund check came in the mail today. 
  2. Fiverr Update – I delivered another color reading gig to someone in New Zealand.
  3. Meat Pie – Apparently my love also enjoyed meat pie today.

So there, a great sacred journey thus far and I am so grateful to be able to share it with you. How did your day go? Tell me what you have planned for the weekend? Check out the Day 26 morning reflection vlog and let me know if My Inspiration Network can help you out. Thanks for reading.


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