Day 22, 23 & 24 – Connecting with Goddess Isis, Ixchel & Nut

Inner Goddess Revolution: Compassion to connection

by Bernard-Charles

Happy Monday to you all. Well, I had an interesting time this past weekend as my Goddess revolution turned out to be very active. I’ve connected with both Isis and Ixchel from the Soul Path Tribe before, but Goddess Nut is a newcomer in my world. 

Goddess Isis

This Egyptian Goddess reminds me of compassion and that is a goal I have set for myself for this month. Relearning the ways of compassion and how to manage the ropes of give and take. Relationships with people isn’t always sunshine and lollipops but they are large sandboxes for self-growth and realization. Friday, was the start of my glorious weekend. I managed to deliver Fiverr orders successfully without the monkey wrench of not having WiFi. Also, I met someone that I’ve been talking to for quite some time even during the brief beginnings of my last relationship. In honor of being in a relationship though I did stop talking to him. So reconnecting was very mature and felt like we just picked up from where we left off. (He too was in a relationship that ended, but on his own terms.) From this Goddess connection, I feel like I can simply give an ear and that’s one way of me being compassionate. 

Goddess Ixchel 

The rendezvous with my Greek hero wasn’t enough from the Universe. I actually arranged for my sister, brother-in-law and me to venture out to an Art Walk that the City of Pittston was hosting. Goddess Ixchel is often represented by water and rainbows. Sure enough it rained that evening, but also the event was to bring the LGBTQ community together from the area. (I have my first rainbow flag sitting on my desk.) There is more excitement, though! On Thursday, I called to wish one of my Pittsburgh friends a Happy Birthday. I had not realized my actions would cause them to travel to me to kidnap me for the weekend! We all met at the Art Walk and the rain tried very hard to dampen my mood, but I was already emotional to see my friends that I welcomed the water freely. 

Goddess Nut

The moments I experienced with my friends like going to the movies and the mall felt like a dream. I still can’t believe it all happened! The story of Goddess Nut resonated with me as she could not birth her children because the God Ra was fearful that they would overthrow his thrown. So with a little magical assistance five more days were made for her to give birth. I deal with many people being fearful and then I have my own fears. Fear is disgusting and how we can manage this is by realizing our true placement in the Universe. The world we wake up to and interact with isn’t the only one. There are worlds much larger and smaller than we can comprehend, but it all fundamentally is energy. We are connected. 

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