Day 21 – Creating your care team

Welcome to my self-compassion series prompted and inspired by this free e-course! For the rest of the month, I will do my best to open my heart center to breathe in compassion for myself and others.

Day 21 inspires building a team of professionals for your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional needs. It’s a magical task of awakening and you shouldn’t feel guilty for wanting to love yourself.

Who do you include in your care-kit?

When I attended boarding school, my mom told me multiple times that people need people. It’s part of being human to depend and strengthen the world through the ways of community building. Even more so, the message is crystal clear for me as this month’s Soul Path Tribe guiding goddess energy is about having faith in the community through the inspirational teachings of White Buffalo Calf Woman, a Native American goddess known for her peace and familiarity with teamwork.

They say it takes a village to raise a child.

I have been alive for over two decades and been dependent on people my whole life. I crave weathered stories from the elderly and thrive on children’s imaginative adventures. To me, my compassionate team consists of natural, authentic, inspiring and real souls that are here to guide, protect, teach and heal one another, so in my brain, I see Hogwarts professors.

My Spirit & Wellness Linky Party happening this coming January is to offer you a chance to connect and learn more about those types of people that you can include in your own physical, spiritual and emotional support kit. Currently, these are some that I consider as my own Go-to-Gurus when I need some tender loving care:

Lyn Thurman – Soul Path Headmistress

Sandy Wiech – Herbal Matchmaker

Hibiscus Moon – Gem Keeper

Elizabeth Harper – Color Muse

Of course many more people are part of my toolbox, and it includes all those that continue to light the way in my firefly jar.

For the new year, lets consider people in your own community (virtual or offline) that act as leaders in your care-kit. It’s always fun to reach out and thank them for their support. I think that’s the best part!

oh and HAPPY YULE!


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