Day 2 – Become willing

May Cause Miracles: Faced my fears today and witnessed so much love

by Bernard-Charles

Life is getting better and better and I can’t believe it! I mean… I absolutely do believe in it – down to every single experience I encounter. Today’s focus was creating that shift of thinking differently and embracing the amazing element of love instead of fear. Change in and of itself can be very fearsome, but with a little self-confidence and a supporting environment to go forth and create change then you absolutely do have the power. My day actually led me out of the house to test my new-found thoughts in Walmart. Yes, my mom and I seem to always be at Walmart.

The affirmation for today  –

I am willing to see this differently. I am willing to see love.

The aisles bustled with people and banging carts because it’s that time of the year again, Easter. Like every other materialistic mainstream mission of a holiday we have the stores packed with people grabbing items off the shelf as if it were the last and then it seems as though all manners are forgotten. It’s also a climax of shop lifting and you have store associates half way up your personal space. (If you catch my drift). Through all this, we have happy go lucky Bernard screaming through the isles the Day 2 affirmation. You get some love and you get some love, oh wait you lady in the back sticking chocolate bunnies in your coat…you my friend get the greatest love of them all! Yes, it was a joyous occasion to remember to think differently today and to simply embrace love. I became so willing to only see love even a hint of anger arose, but that too subsided. I honestly did enjoy shopping with my mom and appreciated the family friend who gave us a ride.

My miracle moments
  1. Red Squares on Facebook – I logged onto Facebook and noticed a rising number of friends changing their profile photos to the Human Rights Campaign logo. So, I went to Google and found little news coverage on it that prompted a very very popular blog post for today. Read why it totally is in sync with day 2. 
  2. My stepfather – This is probably the most important miracle for today because I need to overcome my fear of judgement. I know that he isn’t too keen on the whole idea of homosexuality, but I also know he respects me a lot! Today, I told him that I will be heading back out to Pittsburgh in April soon. Normally, the scared Bernard would let his mom do the talking but why? I shouldn’t let fear prevent me from building a relationship with a man who is absolutely hands down the most compassionate one that’s been in my life. I know my childhood is the cause for my emotional trauma, but I swear to you I am no longer that shy one. It felt good to sit with him today and just chat about Pittsburgh, my siblings, and why Easter seems to fall on a different day every year. This is an area in my life that needs healing and growth energy and I believe that’s why I haven’t found a job yet because I need to grow more with my family. I’ve been independent and moving all the time that it simply neglected my connections with them for so long. It’s time to catch up.

So there, a great sacred journey thus far and I am so grateful to be able to share it with you. How did your day go? Any points of view that needed a bite from the love bug? Check out the Day 2 morning reflection vlog and let me know if My Inspiration Network can help you out. Thanks for reading. 🙂

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