Day 19 – The inverse of the fog

May Cause Miracles: Restoring my love

by Bernard-Charles

The flashiness of the F word is back this week and Gabby instructs us to use forgiveness to restore love in our life. Our ego creates this thick fog around our minds and we stumble into the land of judgement and barriers. We cannot truly see our real selves because we are engulfed by this fog.

The affirmation for today –

Forgiveness restores my perception of my body back to love.

I am a newly signed seller over at (@intuitionhost) where I perform gigs for five dollars. This website has been seen across the world and people use it for all sorts of things, but what I specifically do falls in the spiritual and healing category. I decided to expand my intuitive color reading skills and allow people to buy their own personal color readings in relation to their current situation or condition. I had my first official client today within hours of posting the gig.

The application of today’s May Cause Miracles theme was completely relevant for my client. They wanted some insight into their health and fear based self. Would they ever return to their passions despite their health? Well, the answer was extremely clear – yes, but with some instruction. Let love in. We all often feel pressed for time and rarely take that time for ourselves. In this society, we believe that working is the number one indicator of doing for ourselves, but sadly just the goal of making money isn’t enough. Human beings are more than just dollar signs and numbers, we are ethereal and mindful creatures that thrive off the natural elements in this Universe. Love is one of these elements and I love to say it’s the human element. Above all, we should forgive ourselves for our past neglect and start living in self-love. This is the realization that my client experienced today with her special color. Here is what she had to say:

Pink/Love really makes a lot of sense to me and I think that sometimes I forget to have compassion for myself and can really get stuck in “fear” so, love is the answer!

A miracle indeed! I am grateful that I can connect my spirit with others and look forward to more adventures. The fog that currently surrounds you definitely can lift away with love, all you need to do is forgive yourself for getting lost in it.

My miracle moments –
  1. Fairy door – I made my soul path tribe fairy door for this month! I walked outside and all my supplies to make the door were there including the moss that surrounds it. 

how to make a fairy door diy art project soul path tribe photo

So there, a great sacred journey thus far and I am so grateful to be able to share it with you. How did your day go? Ever make anything out of wood before? Check out the Day 19 morning reflection vlog and let me know if My Inspiration Network can help you out. Thanks for reading. 😀

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