Day 18 – The cost of compassion

Welcome to my self-compassion series prompted and inspired by this free e-course! For the rest of the month, I will do my best to open my heart center to breathe in compassion for myself and others.

Day 18 sends us packing with the new view of who we truly are. It’s a magical task of awakening and you shouldn’t feel guilty for wanting to love yourself.

In what ways are you cutting yourself off from the support you need by buying into old stories that aren’t true?

I am specifically cutting myself off from socializing in real life. There is this nagging feeling inside me that if I go out everything will have a cost and I don’t have enough to pay for it anyway, so I am staying home alone. Period

Well, I am here to tell you that I challenged this thought process a month ago when I decided to go to a LGBTQ conference. Tickets were $15 non-student and included lunch. I got myself thinking that it better be worth it and what do you know…the place was packed with professionals from all over the area. It felt like I was back in Pittsburgh attending networking events and community service projects. 

The conference turned out so well that I have to contribute most of the blessing to my Oshun pumpkin that I created two weeks before for love and abundance. I met someone so amazing and quite fanciful. Compassion is just the tip of what we offer to each other and can tell you that my old stories of identity are shedding. I am steps closer to my true natural firefly light. It’s blissful. I feel like I am heard and can still do my Aries thang without shame or guilt. 

Surrounding yourself with people that support you and your visions 110% is crucial to understanding the effects of compassion and will enable you to let go of old stories that no longer serve your highest good. I found this true with my own soul path which only cost me $15. And better yet, for $15 you can join the Soul Path Tribe which started, excelled and bolstered my success as @IntuitionHost. Thus inspiring my Oshun pumpkin making in the first place! 

Over priced products and services don’t always mean great quality, so I could have spent way more than $15 for a matchmaking service that would not have given me the pleasure that I am experiencing presently. 😉 

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