Day 14, 15 & 16 – Connecting with Goddess Lakshmi, Oya & Coatlicue

Inner Goddess Revolution: A divine trio

by Bernard-Charles

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One would hope a daily blog series flows perfectly, but in my world I get lost in the days itself. Here in the United States, we celebrated our country’s independence with cookouts and fireworks this weekend and this distracted me from blogging for 3 days. However, I am here to give you all a brief recap of these Goddesses and how they still influenced my days offline.

Overall, these Goddesses together represent the physical material world including our money, employment and bodies. Very grounding and root chakra orienting if you ask me. On Day 14, Goddess Lakshmi reminded us to find our abundance by going with the flow. Our money thoughts may need some shape-shifting to come from a place of balance. We can no longer hold on too tight or too freely with our funds as of right now this is how society exchanges energy in a physical form to represent value. Day 15, Goddess Oya opened the floor of contemplation with our employment situation. We should pursue and execute things that make us divinely passionate. The last day of this unique trio is Day 16 with Goddess Coatlicue and the body. How we feel and think about our body will vibrate. A revolutionary should strive to find the beauty in the ordinary as well as the extraordinary.

Money makes the world go round

Having a long weekend alone with each Goddess prompted me for further self-awareness. I went out to the store with my sister and her husband and wanted this book for quite some time, but decided that I shouldn’t get it as I don’t have a constant flow of money that secures leisure spending. I need to save money to pay off my debt. Doesn’t that sound practical? Upon leaving the store, the comment was made that we all went in happy and left completely disgruntled as we didn’t get anything we wanted.

Job hunting

My sister, her husband and I are all unemployed according to society so we picked up Dollar Tree applications. My sister actually has an interview coming tomorrow and I am letting her borrow my citrine bracelet. That’s the crystal of success and it’s a yellow/gold color which flows naturally with Goddess Oya. My own interview as a social media specialist is on hold until the employer can sort out a rescheduled time with the director. This would be my first big boy job and to be frank, the only one I am pursuing at this time.

My body is beautiful

Money and not having a socially acceptable job causes stress on the body. Yesterday’s focus about appreciating our body’s beauty helped me to stab any negative comments right in the face. My family had an Independence Day gathering and when it was time to eat I was told that I needed to eat more. Bernard has two decades worth of this degrading energy, but no one is allowed to call people fat, that’s rude. My reply to this was simple: obviously. Then I changed the attention on how white I am and that I stay in my room all day. Then a doofus of a man comments along the lines of me not getting out much. Laughs are flying left and right. The nice bitch in me talked about taking care of the lavender plants in the backyard to prove that I do in fact get out. I must say I walked away bearing a grin that was completely fake and concluded that my beauty isn’t dependent on those people. If it wasn’t for the souls that sat at that table that I enjoyed, I would have dished out a real Aries composure. See I do have self-discipline.

My rendezvous with these Goddesses allowed me to go with the natural flow of things and my Goddess revolution continues with more change and deep reflection. For 75 cents at Planet Earth Gallery near Mount Pocono, I picked up a leopard skin jasper crystal to help with my flexibility associated with change. This was the crystal that I flipped to in the same book I had wanted in the store. I should have gotten that book!

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