Day 13 – It’s unlucky to limit yourself

Welcome to my self-compassion series prompted and inspired by this free e-course! For the rest of the month, I will do my best to open my heart center to breathe in compassion for myself and others.

Day 13 says goodbye to the false. It’s a magical task of awakening and you shouldn’t feel guilty for wanting to love yourself.

What limiting belief are you are ready to release?

I suppose any belief limits our way of thinking to an extent. However, superstitions that bring about bad luck is something I need to release. Today is so fitting for this too!

Friday the 13th is not a horror inflicting dooms day by nature. It’s actually another day like the days before and after it. Since, the vast majority put stock into this day through their thoughts and feelings, the energy is piling up. This is exactly how fear, negativity and not loving yourself operates. The more power you willingly give to such low vibrating causes, the more you will attract. Your perspective is on autopilot for the good, bad and ugly.

I recently watched ABC’s The Goldbergs and in the episode the older brother kept reaffirming his bad luck by pointing out situations in his life that went against his goal. Spilling mustard on his shirt and losing a date to the dance being a couple of the reasons why he claimed to be so unlucky. With a little magic from Grandpa, his perspective changed and his luck increased.

We all have choices and paths to take in life. It’s a matter of seeing which one has the most light. I am choosing to stop the fear-based superstition when I don’t hear from people to create a compassionate lifestyle.

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