Day 13 – Connecting with Goddess Eostre

Inner Goddess Revolution: Growing inspiration

by Bernard-Charles

Similar to Day 9, today’s Goddess Eostre’s tale has been swept away by time. Only knowledge associated with her is the season of Spring and Easter. Her name is very similar in the spelling of Easter and known to be part of Anglo-Saxon heritage. Very fitting, indeed.

Many inspiration seeds go to waste as we don’t act or nurture these thoughts. In the spiritual and magical communities, we know thoughts are things. (If you disagree, then consider the legal aspect of thoughts when it comes to premeditation and intent.) I can tell you that from personal experience in talking to others about their inspiring ideas and thoughts, more than half don’t follow through because of fear. The purpose of this revolution is to rebel against the force of fear. We need to grow appropriately and fear simply doesn’t serve us in most self-development cases.

Have you had a seed of inspiration and then found someone else who had the exact same idea as you, with the only difference being that they had acted on it?

Not particularly. If I had this experience, I must have moved on from that point. If I dwell on the matter than I am prone to become more jealous and that leads to more negativity. I could say that I wanted to become a certified life coach and soon after a friend is now pursuing a path of coaching.

What  would you like to grow in your life but you’ve been too afraid to try?

I am afraid of genuine romance. I am too focused on what other people think and feel instead of what I think and feel. I altar what I do because I empathize with others and this prevents me from truly feeling the power in my own self. Sharing the real me with someone else genuinely is a big task that has yet to come. First off, I listened to outsiders to decide the fate of my first relationship. The second relationship ended because I wasn’t real with myself in the first place which prompted him to listen to outsiders. I got a taste of my own medicine and I realize this, thanks to Yemaya (a soul path tribe Goddess for the month of June).

What have you successfully grown in the past?

My spirit has grown exponentially. I know thyself, and am still growing because communicating this self to others is lost because not everyone is as understanding and open to my energy. Reasons for this are endless as there are many contributing factors such as astrological alignments, past karmic impressions, and/or their own belief system.

Inner Goddess Affirmation

I’m a cosmic gardener, planting seeds of inspiration and tending them with faith.

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