Day 12 – Connecting with Goddess Baba Yaga

Inner Goddess Revolution: Taking risks

by Bernard-Charles

My most favorite Goddess tale so far deals with the story of Vasilisa the Beautiful and Baba Yaga. Similar to Cinderella, Vasilisa has an evil stepmother with stepsisters and is sent to fetch some light from the Goddess Baba Yaga. Well, in the end Vasilisa overcomes her putrid family environment and could not do this without taking the risk to visit Goddess Baba Yaga. This figure in the spiritual world is rather scary, she lives in a house that sits on chicken bones and not to mention her fence is made out of human bones.

Have you ever felt uneasy with homeless people or those that come across a little Baba Yaga? Well, I think this is a perfect example of how we can learn about compassion and risk taking. Yes, these shadowy people may have a mean exterior, but you don’t get the chance to experience anything worthwhile if you are closed off to getting to know them. People are people no matter all the chicken bones they have. 

What risks do you wish you’d taken?

I wish I would have applied to more colleges, traveled often and took risk in focusing my attention on areas that I was not confident in exploring.

What does your soul want you to do but you’re too scared to try?

Auditioning. I am deathly afraid to audition for anything but my soul screams at me to go for it.

What’s the riskiest thing you’ve ever done and how did it work out?

The riskiest thing I ever did was study abroad in Scotland. I am happy to say it all worked out wonderfully in the end and for the experience. Another risky thing would be meeting people online in person and that’s never been satisfying as I am currently single.

Inner Goddess Revolution

I’m open to awesome new opportunities from the Universe.



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