Day 11 – Connecting with Goddess Mawu

Inner Goddess Revolution: Breaking my beliefs 

by Bernard-Charles

Today marks the first day I spent in my old home since my immediate family picked up and moved. My sister and her husband reside in the apartment above me, so I am not completely alone. However the move altogether is deemed awkward and adjusting is happening. Since, not having a full time job my sense of adventure and wanting to do things is rather limited. My time after graduating from college has been spent more so on strengthening my spirit. I love this because there is nothing more important than your spirit. Would this be a limiting belief?

Goddess Mawu is another archetypal energetic being that co-created the Earth. At one point there was much negativity surrounding who created the people of Earth. On the Earthly realm was a Monkey preaching that he created people and gave them life, but in fact it has been Goddess Mawu. To test this Monkey’s truth, she summoned him to perform for her. He failed to do so and was poisoned as a result. We have many people on Earth that claim to do all sorts of things, but the only truth in their efforts is pure trickery. 

What limiting beliefs have you carried with you from childhood? 

Boys can’t do the things girls do. I always was astonished to see everything offered to females. I always hated gender polarization and made this clear one day while my sister and I shopped with my grandfather for back to school. My sister went to try on clothes and I was disgusted that she always seemed to get more. Regardless of the parental favoritism, I felt girls got more and made my observations known. I spoke up to my grandfather and asked why does she get all these things. He replied with simply she is a girl. That belief was never satisfying and I always questioned the difference in girls and boys and why there should be a difference in the first place.

What limiting beliefs have you adopted in your adult life?

The current systems in place don’t work for the highest good. This covers a wide range of areas, but mostly it’s drenched in economics, education and politics. Some people live by paper standards and others don’t. Those that don’t seem to be poor and victims of the paper system. If you aren’t the one writing the rules than you get screwed. This is a major point in why Occupation (Fill in your City) happened. People got tired of the clandestine oppression of the system that’s been place for centuries. 

What is the one limiting belief that causes you the most stress or unhappiness in your life?

I never seem to have enough. I get hit hard by this illusion with money, food, time, sleep, sex and emotions. This limiting belief tricks me into thinking I don’t have enough of these things to give mostly. No, I don’t have a full time job but people seem to want just as much or more in another area to compensate. Money is directly associated with happiness, but we have a set point where as long as our basic needs are met, we level off and money doesn’t correlate with happiness any longer.

What would you do if you had no limiting beliefs holding you back? 

I would be more trusting and naked to the world. I would have nothing to fear and nothing to lose in the process.

What beliefs would you like to adopt?

  • My compassion is enough. 
  • My time is enough.
  • My spirit is enough.
  • My sex is enough.
  • My laughter is enough.
  • My body is enough.
  • My world is enough. 
Inner Goddess Affirmation

My super-sparkly soul light zaps away limiting beliefs.

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