Day 1 – Connecting with Goddess Gaia

Inner Goddess Revolution: Setting her free

by Bernard-Charles

This is my mommy on her wedding day 6 years ago.

This marks the first stepping stone in understanding my inner Goddess. Gaia’s story is full of masculine domination, but she is Mother Earth after all. Today, I took it upon myself to get outside as much as I could. Regardless of the cigarette smoke puffed  by my family, I enjoyed soaking up the porch life. I always loved sitting on a porch or a stoop to simply talk to people. The conversations shared were light and airy as new things caught our attention or the trail of talk grew more dense because memories and morals galloped forth. However the flow of conversation went, I sat and listened.

My grandmother on my mother’s side allowed me to appreciate this lifestyle as that’s what most people who lived in the community housing projects did to pass time. Besides gossiping over the frequent cop and ambulance scenes. Contrary to the crime, most of my childhood was peaceful and pleasant. I was an imaginative, independent and energetic kid with a big heart. If you crossed me though, I would definitely hold it against you for quite some time. I never forget.

What does your inner Goddess look like?

I could probably tell you what Gaia looks like, but I don’t think that’s what my inner Goddess truly looks like. Mine is more of an energetic being pulsating with light. Sort of elvish in the face and walks tall when needed, however she flies instantaneously. The best way to describe her is that she resembles a star. Her wings are masked by rays of golden light and her hair is white blonde. She feels old and young at the same time. A perfect balance of duality in time. Some figures that resemble her energy are: Meryl Streep, Ellen DeGeneres and my own mother.

What emotions does she have?

My inner Goddess has a spectrum of emotions and they are extreme. Sharp to be exact. She is always smiling. Laughter is the best medicine for her and she uses her light sense of humor to overcome the silliness in life. When she is angry though it pierces like a bolt of lightening. I think this is healthy to have a full spectrum of emotion because humans can easily relate to her and come from a point of empathy. She empathizes in return though and can control the emotional flow when imbalance occurs.

Do you like her?

I love her! She totally understands me and knows what I need when I go insane. I see my own mother in her because my mom knows best.

What does she want to say to you?

“Everything is going to be alright.” Sometimes I’m a worry wart and I doubt a lot of things because I understand that life can be unpredictable and out of my control. I strive to have this reassurance in my love life too. My mother told me awhile ago that sons often find women that remind them of their mother. Since I am gay, I look for the equivalent in a man. Now that’s a mighty arduous task to search for considering that many gay stereotypes do not fall into the mom category. However this is changing thanks to marriage equality and cultural television shows like Modern Family and The New Normal. So hopefully, I can get this support in my love life and can reciprocate to the fullest when the time calls for it.

How would you like your inner Goddess to look?

I guess this follows well in what I was mentioning above. If this Goddess could come in the form of my true love than that would be a wild dose of crazy. I guess I am already in this form as my inner Goddess. I would actually fall in love with my equal masculine form. I love animals, children, love, arts, and magic. Is this a trick question? LOL.

Inner Goddess Affirmation

The inner goddess revolution starts with me.


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