Coming 2010 to a Computer Near You!!!!

Happy Holidays!
Dear Readers,

I hope through all this holiday hustle and bustle that you will have a minute to relax and enjoy the Holiday season. It is very important to me that you don’t over stress about work or school and just take time out of your busy schedules and reflect on the moments that holiday cheer can bring to you.

The end of the year is extremely important because so many people will be making new year’s resolutions and changes for 2010. Well, in addition to resolutions and celebrations, I have a fabulous surprise that will knock you socks off!!!! So in order to be the first to know and participate in the surprise you need to follow these instructions:

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So, if you follow these really easy steps then the surprise will be sooo much fun. I am looking forward to the new year and wishing all of you a warm and happy holiday!
Warning! A hint to the surprise is located somewhere on The Bernard Charles Show. Can you find it?