Color therapy: I am too nervous to eat around my lover or “friend”

The dating scene can be quite turbulent for some.

Specifically in the gay community dating or hooking up feels like an audition and what should happen when you are too nervous to eat around him or her?

The earthquake in your stomach makes you feel like running to the bathroom every 20 seconds. The hot flashes swoop over your skin and you feel like staying at the kitchen sink to let the water run over your anxious tongue. Oh I’ve been there! My nervousness lays in the abdominal region so lots of crazy happens with my solar plexus when I’m head over heels for someone but don’t know how to properly channel the energy.

Luckily I’ve been using crystals and color to curb this all too common love fest symptom. (Fair warning, it will make you hungry for lots of things!) So here are three colors and some corresponding ways for you to calm the nerves and get back to lovin’ that nourishment you deserve. crystal-circle

Burgundy baby

I was out with my delicious guy and we haven’t seen each other in about a week because of the norm (work + lack of free time) so naturally the nerves built inside me. I paced around the house for a bit. I always manage to get ready super-early and am left to wait it out until I see him. What I’ve gathered so far since working with color is that I want to keep my passion for him alive and the best way to do that is by wearing my maroon tank top with a black cardigan. The color black is not so relevant here, but I just love my cardigan. (It’s flowy.) Burgundy is the color of passion and it’s a deeper shade of red which is great for staying grounded.

Once the body goes into flight or fight mode, your feelings, thoughts and impressions you set for yourself can be quite unpredictable. So, the grounded essence from the burgundy is a better choice as oppose to its brother, red. Red tends to be a powerhouse color and might invoke anger and hostile energy instead of what we truly want to accomplish. It’s okay to tone down your fierceness. The absolute crystal to use in this case is Garnet. Red has been psychologically proven to increase metabolism, but just wearing red with no boundary or balance will cause upheaval in some form or fashion. The garnet bracelet I wear is often on my right side to give passion more effectively and since it’s a darker red anyhow, the grounding power of the stone stabilizes how I direct my passionate energy during my time with someone close to me.

Pensive Purple

You totally have as much say as the person you choose to play with romantically and your energy deserves the right to breathe. Naturally, I think we on a sub-conscious level put ourselves in various roles depending on who we are dating and how we feel in the moment. Whether it’s being submissive because our date decided to pay for the meal or we choose to laugh at everything she says because we are so love struck in the moment that’s making us truly happy. Being a shy person or a joyful one does not matter but what does is you owning up to the role you’re projecting into the situation. Be authentic. Be yourself.

Purple has helped me specifically to take on managing my self-worth and roles because I needed to re-connect with my royalty. Once I understood that I am my light and my light is me, then it made being with another person intimately bearable. I even decided to eat purple grapes when I was around him because I wanted to A) eat more food and B) work my way up in this internal caste system. Lavender essential and massage oil helped ease my physical anxiety and so I suggest getting some oil and taking a quick whiff before you grace the table to eat or have sex. It does wonders! A crystal I kept on hand too was Amethyst because we know how that helps with finding independence. It actually helped cure my romance-insomnia when I would sleep over!

Sunnyside Yellow

I attribute most of my success to my spiritual path. I find a lot of comfort in knowing my path has helped me do better in society and make meaningful and lasting relationships that go behind the physical and mundane reality. When we are getting ready or in the pre-stages of meeting someone new, our nerves will open fear in our gut. I am a recovering fear addict and knowing how many opportunities I let slip through my fingers because I allowed negativity and fear to take control of my life is what motivates me to be on top of my energy 24/7. Yellow is a powerful and obnoxious color of positivity and if you want to be successful than having this color on hand will give your solar plexus a boost in digestion. Tumeric is a great spice at inducing the immune system in a strong and courageous way so if you must choose a place to eat at and want to unnerve the emotions, I suggest an Indian restaurant. As far as a crystal goes for your positive outlook on your romantic flair, Citrine is a great networking stone and often attributed to abundance as well as success of all kinds.

Your personal power is very important and so as you go through the nerves and battles like I have when connecting with another soul intimately know that color and some crystal goodness is always on your side! Would you like to find out what color you should wear for your date or late-night rendezvous? Book a color reading with me, starting at $24!

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