Color Therapy for Exploring Deep Emotions While Hitting Rock Bottom

Do you ever feel like you’re meant for something great? But fall to your knees in depression and self-criticism before you get the chance to celebrate your brilliance. Me too.

I could have a great idea or make plans only to have my hopes fall through the cracks. Then I’m back to where I started at rock bottom. Feeling unworthy of goals and desires. My shadow self is addicted to the story it gets to retell in the deeper parts of my psyche. It uses self-sabotage to relive traumas, inflict the imposter-complex whenever possible and physically isolate myself from own worth. I can’t come across as a bitch or privileged poor person. Blah blah blah. It’s exhausting feeling like I’m on this planet meant to settle for scraps. Never feeling secure and confident in my own needs and desires. Scrappy is crappy.

Yet, since 2012, it’s through color therapy, how I’ve learned to explore my thoughts deeper and put more faith not in an outside organized religion but in my own quantum vibrational real estate as a living breathing vessel of the Universe. I came to this planet knowing one thing for sure – magic is real. And you don’t need to drink the juice of some cult to find fulfillment or feel worthy. My soul path hasn’t been effortless or an overnight success because of some viral YouTube video. Even in the darkest, ugliest, most hideous of manic episodes, I lean on the legacy of love, light, and color.

To my inner and outer skeptics, spiritual bypassing is salty. I question my power often because it’s my genuine compassion for the planet and myself that purifies my intent. Undoubtedly, I use color, crystals, essential oils, and a variety of spiritual paths to not close my eyes to the evil. I don’t read the bible or give away my autonomy over to a savior to expunge sins from my human record. I embrace the darkness so that I defend the light. Stronger.

As humans, we all carry some bit of irrational fear surrounding our own power. We were trained through media, parents, and astrological impressions to believe we’re broken, weak, and religiously dismissive when it comes to our own value and purpose. As a society, we shy away from pride and feeling satisfied because we feed on guilt labeling it humility. Swapping intuition for insignificance. We learned at an early age to silence our internal hopes and joys because we want to feel accepted by others, gain trust, earn money, avoid conflict.

I know you’re here wanting to deepen your connection to your true self and finally feel better about the direction of your life and career.

I pulled (with the help of the Universe) two colors to focus on shifting the energy from shallow let’s settle for less puddle hopping to finding the treasure of your own self-worth by exploring what we want and have. This work is a process of navigating the deepest trenches of your personal/professional transformation. You are a walking keepsake with a soul encoded by not only the shadow of humanity but also the light of the Universe. No external body, thought-form, or political policy can deny you of what your soul deserves. Inhale the light with me.

color therapy for finding a deeper life purpose and feeling worthy

From The Color Mage Oracle, we have El Sol. The sun in Spanish is a sacred reminder to sustain your focus on positive progressive energy, internally motivate yourself with feelings of happiness, and photosynthesize your social media habits with inspiring leaders, authors, and influences that reflect your own worth and success to you. You deserve the life you want for yourself, your family and your community. Create a space for yourself that’s warm and contains natural lighting or using a light therapy box to uplift your mood at the office or in your bedroom.

Our second color card is from Change Your Mood Oracle, Deep. Ignoring your feelings creates dark holes in your empathy and ability to process stress effectively. We can disassociate from trauma in the short-term, but if you don’t take initiative in accurately projecting the energy of a situation, then reoccurring incidents will happen and your aura becomes susceptible to playing the victim role, making up creative excuses, to living in deep denial. It’s the darker shade of blue that contrasts the tangy orange of El Sol which is a challenge for you to live with more conviction, authority, self-trust, and self-belief that anchors itself beyond the pleasantries and political correctness. Have you been compromising on values, refusing to commit, lowering standards out of exhaustion, desperation, and overwhelm?

We get caught up in the shallow and surface because it’s effortless to float. But what’s required right now from you as you soak in these color messages is to explore deeply and express devoutly. Explore new ways to tell your personal journey. Create a new resume and career objective. Learn how to communicate hat you’re worth not only from logical reasoning but also emotionally. Emotions trigger humans more often to take action so what emotional thoughts and experiences have you been reliving that must be surrendered?

Ways to Add Color Energy to Your Life and Work

Not only is color introspective, but it’s also proactive. So here are a variety of color therapy tools to cleanse your emotions and give your body, mind, and soul the upgrade it deserves. Disclosure: Hope you love the products! Just so you know, I may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.


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