Color of the Day YouTube series is progress

Walking on my Soul Path

by Bernard-Charles

soul path workbook photo lyn thurman Before I begin to tell you all about my color of the day series on YouTube, I do feel that it is only appropriate to bring forth what brought this change.

Footprints to enlightenment

This month I started on a journey with a handful of other spiritual goers as part of Lyn Thurman’s Soul Path Tribe. We don’t dance naked under the full moon or conjure medieval hexes. We came together to improve our lives and better understand what it means to live life to the fullest in terms of understanding our own intricately designed soul path.

My soul path journey has led me to create my very own YouTube series! The timing of this path paralleled another one of my favorite gurus in the spiritual community, Hibiscus Moon. She dabbles in everything crystals! And we all know how much I adore crystals and gemstones!

Hibiscus Moon produced a 7-day series of crystal card readings where she associated crystals with the cards she picked. Her vibrant personality kept me watching more and more. In fact, I ended up watching all of her YouTube videos in one night because I was so entranced by her knowledge and passion for crystals. I saw this as a clear sign that the universe was telling me that I should too consider doing a short-term video series.

Producing more video content has been hanging over my head like an anvil. Many people that I’ve mentioned my dream job too all say the same thing. When are you getting on YouTube? You should have a YouTube show. I just tell them I am on YouTube, but I don’t want to be forever labeled as just a YouTube personality. Something doesn’t feel right about it, and I don’t have the camera, lighting, and editing software to make a show that I would like to produce. Pure perfectionist when it comes to my projects.

I want to give it my BEST all, not just my all.

A series is not a show really, but it could very well be a start to adding to my on-camera performance. I’ve received a lot of great feed back from Soul Path members as well as Hibiscus Moon! I am thoroughly impressed with how well this all is turning out.

What is the color of the day

The Color of the Day series consists of me choosing a color card from Inna Segal’s The Secret Language of Color Cards and connecting the information that Segal writes in the handy book with alternative ways to working with color. My favorite application of color is wearing it. But there are so many more ways to incorporate color into your life like writing with it, crafting with it, working with specific crystals, and even envisioning that color during meditations.

It is quite astounding once we realize how we reflect and associate with the various colors in our world. And psychology has proven that color does have an effect on us whether it is to encourage appetite or stimulate more social interaction.

This 1-month series will definitely open my eyes and constantly refresh my knowledge of color, crystals, aromatherapy, and other associated energetic vibrations that fall within the cosmic tool belt. I just am so blessed and excited to have this project be a progression of my spirit and soul path.




  1. Good for you! I’ve worn clothes that’ve been nothing more than muted, neutral shades for SO LONG now that buying a bunch of sweaters and shirts in brighter and more vivid colors was jarring for me. That said – and I don’t know if this is purely psychological – I do feel a big difference when I wear them to work. I feel much livelier and more energetic, or if I’m quiet (I’m normally an extreme introvert), I notice that people talk to me more.

    Heck, I never thought that I’d be wearing a lime green sweater (though my favorite color’s always been green), but I do now. 😀

    1. That is so exciting! Color does vibrate on specific frequencies and people can be attracted to many colors. I am happy that you are noticing a change when you were colorful clothing. Thanks for your comment, it made my day!

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