Color is an illusion but you do have a choice

I am always intrigued by others’ experiences, opinions and projections cast onto this world. If I could be you for a day.

Breathe your air.

Feel your clothes.

See the way you see.

I would be quite excited. However I think the closest way for me to live your life would be to attach myself to your hip, do everything you do, and spend hours consuming your memory. Even then we will never be the same.

Simply put – we all are genetically created in difference. Unique. Diversity though is an illusion. As is color.

It takes a filtering mechanism like a prism to reveal the colors of the rainbow as the one light streams forward emanating from that one ultimate source. Same goes for humanity. It takes a system to sift through and organize the collective human consciousness into a variety of ways: age, sexuality, gender, income, heritage and location.

Foolishly of course the ego/fear mentality believes in precedence and hierarchy to manifest order and security. Logic looping around to justify this fear-based system that keeps us from our true power.




Our sight (perception) stimulated by color sensations from blooming floral displays to enriched runways helps us to feel. Activate chemical reflexes in the brain. Stimulate our human experience. Invoke power.

Of course there are many other professionals that understand the medical quality of color and I suggest you seek their advice. But as your friend, I am here to suggest to you that everything you see is not as it seems. It’s not my intention to instill fear in you – but spark curiosity with how you understand the world around you. You probably forgot how fun it is to color, play for the greater good, or unload your mind’s wildest imagination onto a sheet of construction paper.

You’ve become blinded by jealousy, betrayal, loneliness and denial. Your true self displaced by the system. It’s okay, we all end up forgetting but it’s time to forget no more. By being a chess piece in the ego catering system I noticed that we have a choice. To be blind or not.

Choose ignorance and lead others into darkness.

Choose illumination and lead others into light.

The choice is ours because we have free will. We have the ability to feel logical and pragmatic. We have the ability to feel intuitive and reflective. There is no right or wrong answer because this is your individual evolution, but do recall your true self. Remember the one light from which we all come into picture. Summon authority over your own destiny and today’s color video shall help you find the way.

Until next time <3 :star: and :mrgreen:

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